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Comment Re:Awful (Score 5, Interesting) 951

I think you actually hit upon the main problem with the ribbon in your defense of it. The ribbon is in fact a great replacement for the old toolbar system and so, when you sit and spend the time to customize the bar, just like when you used to customize the toolbar, you are going to work faster.

However, as a general purpose tool for finding commands it's awful. It relies on you already not just knowing the command you are looking for, but that you know what the shortcut to it looks like. Worse, sometimes those commands are buried under other commands.

I do a lot of work in autocad, and while %90 of what i do I do on the keyboard or on the tool-bars, but there are hundreds of commands, many I simply don't use on a regular basis. All I usually need to find the command is to go to the menu of related commands, and read the short descriptions of the functions there. That's what the menu is there for, to provide some insight for the available commands and that is not what the ribbon provides.

I shudder to think of having to provide me grandmother with instructions over the phone on how to do something where I have to explain to her toolbar icons rather then just telling her the command she is looking for. Fortunately, she's still on windows XP.

Comment Re:Amar Bose anecdote (Score 1) 674

Perhaps that is true, but that is an experiment on the same speakers no doubt. So yes, some people might like a flat response, others might like a bump in the middle, that's true of even professional audio engineers, and every one I've met sets up their EQs slightly different in non-reference environments (such as live sound). That isn't necessarily what makes sound systems good or bad. Poor insulation, mechanical noise, distortion and clipping at normal playback levels. These are all real, measurable differences in speakers that I don't think I know anybody that hasn't preferred the speakers that lack these sorts of flaws.

One of the worst offenders is in these X.1 systems where you have massive gaps in the frequency response, especially in the mids. A simple listen and they sound "OK" and you can make a sale at Bestbuy. Listen to the same material on a pair of reference speakers and you realize how much of the audio had been missing, and it sounds like you'd taken a wad of cotton out of your ears. Again, this is real, measurable stuff, not some audiophile BS. I think I can confidently say that most people would on that kind of A/B comparison consider the truly full range speakers to be the better sounding.

Comment Re:Its what the consumers want. (Score 1) 674

I think the blame is as much on manufacturers. There is no reason you should have to buy a top-end system to get decent audio. Particle board and even plastic speakers with mid-priced drivers can sound better then most of what you find at best-buy if properly designed. I honestly think manufacturers purposefully "Dumb down" their low and mid-range systems in order to be able to charge more for the high-end stuff.

Want to shop around? Good luck with the lack of decent reviews of mid-range audio systems, utterly useless specs, and the crap audio setups at any retail store where you can give them a listen.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 3, Insightful) 566

Actually it's less interesting then even that. All this says that is a bunch of people are planning to make their next phone an iOS phone, and are waiting until the next generation to do it. Big deal.

My next desktop will be a windows machine, my next laptop probably a mac, my next phone probably android. I don't know exactly what form these will take, these purchases are months if not years off, but if there is a better model/version on the verge of release, I'd probably wait a few months extra for it to come out.

Comment Re:Was It Worth It? (Score 1) 138

I unlocked and rooted my old G1 to use as my overseas phone. I travel to Italy on occasion for work. While it's a rather slow phone, even by the standards when I bought it, I can stick a local sim card in it and get my email, Google voice messages, and Google maps (which I was very much glad for when I got onto the wrong bus one afternoon) as well as a little emergency tethering. And while the speed can be a little frustrating, it does mean that I'm getting use out of it and keeping it out of the landfill a little while longer with little more investment then a $10 battery and a couple hours of my time.

Comment It's a noticable difference (Score 1) 1002

I'm not a developer, but %90 of my work is in Excel and AutoCad at the same time. Not only does a second monitor make a noticeable impact on my productivity, but having a wide screen on both also makes a noticeable impact. Being able to put a lot of information up at once without wasting a lot of time scrolling around drawings and spreadsheets just saves time, and there are times that that time is a lot more precious then a couple hundred bucks.

If you really think that your employes don't have anything better to do then having to constantly flip windows around, even having to take notes so they can look at two pieces of data at once, your organization has a lot bigger problems.

Comment Re:Failed? (Score 1) 160

Overall Mr Buxton is really, really bad at evaluating the success or failure and the usefulness or not of many of the items he has in his collection.

Clearly why he fits right in at Microsoft.

Lots of great talent, but they never seem to know how to use it.

Comment T-Mobile (Score 1) 274

I assume that this poll came about as a result of the T-mobile buyout.

Indeed, T-Mobile makes it very easy to unlock your phone. I have an old G1 that I decided to keep for just a little bit longer for a trip to Europe until I decide what carrier I want to go with next. Unlocking it was as simple as calling up their help line, giving them my IMEI. They emailed me not just the unlock code but instructions on how to do the unlocking. All for free (I think, I haven't checked my bill yet).

Sadly, I doubt this behavior will continue under AT&T.

How are people's experience with Virgin Mobile? How are those android phones they are offering?

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