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Comment Re:My grandmother is one of them... (Score 1) 301

I am an OTR truck driver... and this is no longer accurate. I use verizon tethering for my internet and in the two years I have been using it thus, I have not had a single failure within reason. (broke down in the middle of the mountains of nevada... no signal. But there was NO signal of any sort there, no radio, no TV, no cell of any company..)

Comment Re:If doctors were that bad, it would be manslaugh (Score 1) 1057

There are many of us from back when there were no degrees in the field. The rare individual who had a degree at all had one in mathematics, or electronic engineering. Steve jobs- No degree Steve Wozniak - BS- E.E. Bill Gates - No Degree (harvard drop out) Steve Ballmer - BS mathematics and economics

Submission + - Teaching Techs how to troubleshoot. Need input!

nobuddy writes: "I have an incoming gaggle of new Help desk techs. I was tasked with getting them "up to speed" on general troubleshooting tips.

Now, I have been troubleshooting for more years than I care to admit. What comes naturally to me, and seems blatantly obvious is usually not so obvious to others. So I ask the /. community: If you were teaching new techs troubleshooting tips in an hour long session, what points would you cover?

To me, checking processes and CPU usage is as basic as telling someone to put their hand on the mouse to make it move... so enlighten me on what would be good things to teach new techs.

Sadly, this is a Windows environment."

Submission + - Shadowrun MMO Project (

nobuddy writes: "The Shadowrun:Awakened project is a community driven, LGPL open source MMO project. It has passed the "is it really gonna happen?" phase and is now in the "come one, come all, and bring a friend" stage of development. HTTP://"

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