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Comment Re:The Flow of Money Problem (Score 1) 262

That is so bizarre, you're all for the regulation and legalization of exchanges ... are you seriously that daft that you don't think the government is going to tax that which it regulates?

He's not talking about taxation. He's talking about funding wars through currency manipulation (printing money), which is basically a stealth tax not requiring popular support.

Comment Re:What about the lack of inflation? (Score 1) 768

It's long known that economic growth is severely stunted without some measure of inflation.

Not actually true.

Adopting bitcoins for the global economy would mean that policymakers lose control on money supply, and while there are advantages in this, disadvantages far outweigh them. Additionally, adopting a global currency standard will deny governments ability to influence currency rates robbing them of yet another way to control the economy.

IMO stripping governments of the ability to manipulate the money supply is entirely a good thing, and I'd guess Amir will agree.

Comment Functional programming (Score 1) 196

One more reason why functional programming matters. Many programs become trivial to parallelize when you avoid mutation and side-effects outside of limited, carefully-controlled contexts.

It's truly a joy when you can parallelize your code by changing a single character (from "map" to "pmap"). There's usually a little more to it than that, but you almost never have to deal with explicit locks or synchronization.

Comment Re:Buffering of what? (Score 1) 525

To prevent this, you get your modem/firewall to "shape" your traffic at say 9.5Mbps (leave enough headroom for the initial TCP connection bursts) and choose which packets you want to drop when it goes past 9.5Mbps (for instance drop http packets first instead of your interactive or VOIP stuff, or the other way round if http traffic is more important to you for some reason). This way you control what happens AND the buffers never fill up at the ISP end since the traffic doesn't even hit 10Mbps (if their buffers don't fill up, there is no increase in latency). This also applies to your outbound connections - if your upload bandwidth is 5Mbps, shape it at 4.5Mbps or so.

Isn't is too late to effectively shape incoming traffic by the time it reaches your modem/router? If that were truly the bottleneck, couldn't you get a faster connection just by buying a faster modem?

Comment Re:Think again (Score 1) 402

So what can be done? There's only one solution: strict limits on government power and revenue. STRICT limits, as the founders of the US intended. Of course, strict limits on the scope of government is nothing but a pipe dream for radicals and libertarians, right?

It is a pipe dream, but for different reasons. Who is going to enforce these "strict limits"? Why, the selfsame organization that is supposed to be limited by them! "Limited government" is an oxymoron: once you grant ultimate authority to an entity, any limits you try to place on it are moot.

We keep trying to create "safe" engines of mass subjugation, and somehow they keep getting abused. When will we finally realize that whatever difficulties we might face without a master, it's the only way we'll ever achieve lasting freedom?

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