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The Courts

NY Court Says Police Can't Track Suspect With GPS 414

SoundGuyNoise sends in a story that brings into relief just how unsettled is the question of whether police can use GPS to track suspects without a warrant. Just a couple of days ago a Wisconsin appeals court ruled that such tracking is OK; and today an appeals court in New York reached the opposite conclusion. "It was wrong for a police investigator to slap a GPS tracking device under a defendant's van to track his movements, the state's top court ruled today. A sharply divided NY Court of Appeals, in a 4-3 decision, reversed the burglary conviction of defendant Scott Weaver, 41, of Watervliet. Four years ago, State Police tracked Weaver over 65 days in connection with the burglary investigation."

Comment Re:You need to store something for monthly billing (Score 2, Insightful) 141

Reason to store Card Info: The customer WANTS them too. I'm sure by now you've come across an online store that ASKED if you wanted them to save it for next time. I use this with Dell and New Egg. If they don't ask then it's a problem, but for everyone else it's the CUSTOMER'S responsibility to make the decisions as to whether or not they trust the company.

Reason to be connected to the intarweb: They PROCESS the cards online (via authorize.net, for example).
I write e-commerce apps for a living. My usual policy (unless the clients demands something else) is to take the card numbers, save them encrypted in a database, wait until a store employee reviews their order to make sure it is okay to ship, charge the card (via authorize.net), ship it, close the order and delete the security code, expiration date, and all but the last 4 digits of the card number.

Thus if (god forbid) someone were to break in the only card numbers they would have access to are orders which have been placed but not shipped yet, and even those would be encrypted unless they also got the encryption key. It's quite likely that an order will be shipped within an hour of it being placed, so the risk involved is almost nothing.

There will always be risk involved, no matter how secure you build a system (or ignorantly THINK you have). Deciding whether or not to allow a company to save your card info is simply saying how much risk you are willing to take.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - waterproofed iPod

ottoveblin writes: "SwimMan inc. has created the world's first 100%waterproofed iPod. That means no box or case of any kind. Just you and your shuffle and the water. There's already 10 million Gen2 shuffles out there. The realization that they come in WATERPROOF of NOT is bound to shift the market. the release and info can be seen at: swimman.com/release.html thanks"

Submission + - Skype's BIOS Reading Process Part of DRM

Juha-Matti Laurio writes: "An official statement related to Skype's feature to read motherboard serial number on every startup has been released. The Chief Security Officer of the company states that the software in use 'includes a form of digital rights management functionality intended to protect commercial software, such as plug-ins, from illegal redistribution or unlicensed use.' Additionally, the newest Skype version (released this week) no longer attemps to read the serial number. Conspiracy theories about generating an individual encryption key or tracking the users are not needed any more."

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