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Comment Re:Dear America, (Score 1) 430

Yeah not entirely sure how I managed to eff that up. I think in part was my slightly still hungover brain, and chasing after the kids and losing track of what I was writing (I'm on my phone writing these).

I meant to say "April, spilling into May".

I even previewed and read it back to myself before hitting submit.

Comment Re:Dear America, (Score 1) 430

Yeah around here we have a similar saying as well. March and June are the melt down, but its still cold. Specifically in my region, August is the only month in recorded history we haven't had a snow storm.

Generally the tail end of June and early July are nice out. Around mid July, the temp spikes upward of 30C... and August averages 30C and maxes out closer to 40C. Our weather is literally -40C to +40C not taking the "wind chill factor" into account (personally think its a load of bull).

Regarding taking over Alaska... has Palin died or left yet? Her veiws conflict with the majority of Canadians.

(Sorry about any spelling or grammatical errors.. writing this on phone touchscreen also Slashdot doesn't like my degree signs in the preview...)

Comment Re:Dear America, (Score 4, Interesting) 430

Note: that's for 2 months of the year... and it only snows that bad 1-5 times a month.

Where the fuck do you live? 2 months out of the year? Ha! I wish.

I live in a city with a population around 35,000 people in Saskatchewan. We get dumped on from mid-october right thru May, spilling into early March.

My cities mayor and board members have their head up their ass, so snow removal takes days on busy streets and most residential areas get one or two pass-overs a year.

I have two cars, a small fairly efficient car my wife uses to go to work, and the family car, an AWD Chevy Equinox.

With good tires and driving with caution, she does well with the small car. Very rarely does she ever need to take the family car to work.

Our monthly gas buget is around $120. A little over what the insurance costs on my Equunox. Really gas prices are not terible, right now sitting at $1.09/L. I don't know the conversion off hand but roughly in my head that's around $4/US Gallon (if someone cares to do the math they are free to do so).

Comment Re:Linux drivers? (Score 1) 51

They have recently dropped support for anything up to the Radeon HD 4xxx. Which is not that old.

On the other hand, according to various articles on the open source Radeon drivers are making great progress. One drawback is that you may have to tinker with your Linux installation to get all of that:
You will need the very latest source code, which probably means recompiling mesa and maybe the kernel ;-)

I absolutely agree, it is not for the faint of heart or new users. I am sure as soon as the popular distros like Ubuntu, Mint and Arch shift into faster development cycles to keep up with the kernels new pace we will see things get easier for everyone.

I personally use Gentoo on my workstation since I built it and keep it current. Just upgraded my kernel to 3.7.1 with Gentoo patchset last night.

I am no stranger to compiling software and kernels.

Comment Re:Linux drivers? (Score 5, Informative) 51

As the other A/C has pointed out... AMD only dropped support for older cards. Honestly the open source drivers are great.

My HTPC is a few years old, it has an onboard Radeon HD 3200 (ITX board). Again, using the open source Radeon drivers, it works excellent. Direct BluRay rips play flawless on 1080P display, audio over HDMI.

Recently received a new laptop as a gift. It has a Radeon HD 7500M in it. Using the open source drivers I have not had any problems. I don't play video games so I really can't tell you what to expect there, though.

It's been a rough road but KMS is starting to mature and "Just Works" in most sutations... I don't think the Ati Catalyst drivers support KMS yet.

Comment Re:I don't use Ubuntu... (Score 1) 236

He has pumped a lot of money into the community (regardless if he's setting himself up to make more, he's taking a hell of a gamble).

They have dedicated full time staff working on stuff they give away for free.

Ubuntu is workong with hardware and software companies to bring things to Ubuntu (usable by anyone who uses Linux, not just Ubuntu).

Giving people freedom of choice is what open source is all about, and Ubuntu has exposed very many people to this ecosystem (per se).

Comment Re:Its $4.00!!!! (Score 1) 371

Again how does this relate to the topic at hand?

You are not the Original Slashdot Story Poster, you are not a part of the discussion. I'm sorry that you can't buy apps from the app store, but there are probably other reasons rather than "Google won't let me". More likely it is a Government thing. I really don't know, I live in Canada.

I'm not saying everyone is cheap. You clearly want to buy apps, but the original story poster /is deliberately/ being cheap and he just told everyone on Slashdot he is a cheapskate under thw guise of trying to call someone out on a GPL Violation.

Comment Re:Not impressed (Score 2) 236

Good to know -- I'll be sure to stay away from that experiment.

I, on the other hand, will be seeking out OSes that are well-designed for the type of workload I have, and are well-tuned to the form factor that I use.

Well there are many choices. You don't say if you have a preference or not. Try out Arch, Slackware or even Gentoo/Funtoo.

Comment I don't use Ubuntu... (Score 1) 236

I don't use Ubuntu but I have a great deal of respect for anyone (for personal gain or not) who has contributed as much as Mark has both financially and in terms of open code for the community to use and learn from.

So a big Thank You goes out to Mark Shuttleworth, for all you have done.

I don't use Ubuntu because it is a matter of comfort and choice. I like choices and have no problem doing things the hard way, so I use Gentoo/Funtoo Linux (even though they provide some great tools to make it easy to manage my systems). Choice is what I like most about the Linux/FLOSS community.

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