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Comment Re:Just (Score 2) 210

You're still going to want redundancy. At the very least 2 identical drives mirrored with software RAID.

If redundancy is important, 500GB/1TB "Enterprise" drives are cheap. 4 drives in RAID10 would give the best cost:redundancy:performance ratio. You can probably get 4 HDD's for the cost of the one $500 240GB SSD you mentioned.

Comment Re:First global warming now this... (Score 1) 208

Regardless of anyones intentions.... buying/renting a server in Canada also frees you from the US Patriot Act.

I'm in the process of acquiring some beefy servers to offer KVM Virtual Private Servers and keeping everything in Canada (there seems to be a lack of Canadian based KVM VPS providers).

I do web development for a living and prefer KVM for my servers. Have had some client requirements be that all data and services must not cross the border.

Comment Re:First global warming now this... (Score 1) 208

Not sure what rock you are living under but last I checked (admittedly a few years ago) around 1/3 of oil in the US came from Canada.

Since then we've seen a few pipeline projects to pump the oil from the fields right down into the US. One of the biggest projects passed just outside of my city (5km from edge of town).

Comment Re:A few reasonable options (Score 1) 451

My thinking behind that was more of an attempt to curb the number of people yelling at the Rep by weeding out the few people who think "I don't have one of those *hangs up*". If 1/10th of the people it would seem a lot better than prior.

I think the priority would be #2 in my suggestions... don't have it on your public facing website, and don't put it in the product, just provide a link to the Community Forums or whatever (should have mentioned that before).

Comment A few reasonable options (Score 1) 451

I've never been in this situation before. However, here are a few easily implemented reasonable options.

1. When people call play an automated message, asking to enter their support contract ID. And offer an option (pound key)to connect to sales if thry do not have one. This makes the assumption you already have a customer portal/database with unique numeric ID's.

2. Take the number off the site, only have it available in Customer Portal.

3. Advertise your "free version" as the Community version, set up a Message Board and Wiki with free information. Message board maintained by the "Community". Sell the support package as a pay-to-download or aimilar (I don't know your software, so I'm not sure how applicable it is).

Really all 3 combined would be ideal.

Comment Re:Retardation of the MPAA... (Score 4, Interesting) 203

You may be surprised to hear (read) this, but prices vary by market.

I live in a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prices here are $9.50 and a dollar more if it is 3D.

I have family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1 million+ population). Last time we saw a movie there the ticket price was $17. Add a popcorn or drink, that's another $5-$7 each. This was a couple years ago so things may have changed.

If you have kids, you either have to bring them or pay a babysitter to watch them. There's another $20-30 for a babysitter.

I used to rent movies all the time. Minimum one visit to Blockbuster a week. $5-6 a week is much more economical. However Blockbuster Canada went out of business so they could pay off their U.S. debt. At the same time, Rogers Video closed down a chunk of their stores, the one in my town being one of them.

Now its Torrents for me because I am out of options. $40 for the theatre is too much (including babysitter). That's also the cost of buying a Bluray thesebdays.... I'm not about to commit my money to that if I don't like the movie and never actually watch it.

So I torrent it, and if I really like it, I will buy it. Just watched The Expendables 2 last night... I enjoyed it, no real storyline but I was entertained (OMG, explosions!). Not really a movie I would buy but my wife _really_ likes it so we will probably get it.

Not many movies out there I want to watch more than once. All of the kids movies we download we end up buying.... Disney Cars (1&2) my son likes to watch each twice a week.

Comment Re:I work at Nielsen ... it doesn't work. (Score 2) 248

Sounds to me like a web based system would be beneficial in regards to this problem.

I expect Google and Zimbra and other commercial solutuons to provide the option to disable Reply-all in their domain administration panel very soon.

Personally I use Thunderbird at home and work (the rest of them use Outlook). We use straight IMAP/SMTP though.

Comment Hire back Linux Kernel Devs... (Score 2) 226

Hire back Linux Kernel Devs and focus on servers.

The fact is that AMD's Opterons are very competitive perfomance and feature wise vs Intel Xeons. The price puts them over the top, though.

You can build 64 core, 1U servers for ~$5000 with moderate DDR3 ECC RAM and HDDs (you'd probably want a SAN though). Fully maxed out still less than $10K.

I respect AMDs cheap desktop and mobile lines but Intel is a juggernaught in this space. They have better contracts with more manufacturers.

Comment Re:i don't get it (Score 1) 226 processors soundly trump AMD in almost every conceivable metric that matters...

I am a big fan of AMD. I really don't want to see them disappear. The /one market/ they have is cheap, high core density servers and they fucked that up when they laid off their Linux kernel devs.

I was in the process of speccing out some new 32-core (dual socket, 16-core CPUs) 1U servers and when I heard that I shifted gears... now I am lost trying to figure out what to do now...

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