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Comment I find this statement amusing... (Score 5, Insightful) 327

..."Meanwhile, ISPs like Time Warner aren't sure the demand exists for 1Gbps internet,"

At current costs? Of course not. People would *love* to have more speed. But not if it's going to cost $100+ a month to get it like TWC/Cox/Comcast/etc. would charge for it. They create their own stagnation with greed.

Comment No, the real reason is... (Score 1) 670

..."Because unfortunately, there is a still a strong perverse culture that equates staying at home when sick with weakness. This is a flawed belief and should be questioned."

It's because employers in the US (most of them) are slave driving assholes who don't care if you're sick, you get your ass to work and make your masters their money! Not many places offer sick days, and even if they do they'd rather you "tough it out" and come to work.

It's an incredibly ignorant POV but i don't see it changing anytime soon. Making more money is more important than your easily replaceable selfs health.

Comment Frankly... (Score 1) 165

...I'm tired of various entities somehow being above the law and able to just say no whenever they want. The things they do are on the taxpayer dime. They are arms of the government, which is a servant of the people. In no way are they nor should they ever be above the law, period.

Comment Say what? (Score 3, Insightful) 515

"Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people."

Wrong. True terrorism involves stripping the victims of their choice. They have no choice but to be terrorized. Nobody in the West sat down with guns to your heads and forced you to watch the video. As with most things, you have a choice to be offended or not, to watch, or not. Stop being stupid, don't watch it, and don't be offended. Pretty simple.

Comment Re:Islam is a danger to western civilisation (Score 1) 1160

Wow. Rush Limbaugh, is that you?

Seriously, how the fuck did such ignorant hateful rubbish get modded as "insightful"?

The only thing I can agree with in your narrow minded conservative diatribe is that we should not be apologizing for our freedom of speech. The rest of your nonsense is borderline racist and a whole lot of arm waiving.

Comment I... (Score 1) 544

...would print a friend of mine a new kidney. I have shot veins in my lower legs at age 34, have to wear compression stockings all the time. But I can cope. My friend, she has Polycystic Kidney Disease. I've already promised her one of mine if she ever gets to that point and we're compatible, but being able to print her up a fully functioning kidney would be awesome.

Comment The problem i see here... (Score 4, Insightful) 1264

...is that they harp on the issues of UTIs and STDs/STIs. Those are things that are easily avoidable, and not at all the fault of having a foreskin. If baby gets a UTI, mommy and daddy need to do a better job cleaning baby up and cleaning baby sooner. If, as a man, the person has issues with STDs/STIs, well gee stop being a moron having unprotected/risky sex Einstein.

Trying to lump the added medical costs is the same. The costs brought on are not due to the foreskin, they are due to the creators of the baby, and/or the owner of the penis.

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