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Comment Re:Big Blue Brother - no shit! (Score 1) 455

That is pretty much my first thought seeing this. I'm rather appalled seeing all the other conversations going on that seem to be completely missing this little nugget of fact.

It's not my employers business what I eat. It's not my employers business what I do on my off time. It's not my employer's business what my credit score is. The only thing that is my employers business is that I am doing the work prescribed by my job description in the manner outlined upon hire. Not a god damn thing else.

Why do people keep rolling over and letting this shit happen?

Comment Re:A little perspective here, please.. (Score 1) 462

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

You're using apples and oranges to justify things. A law about needles has not one thing to do with overturning a law the people wanted and allowing the police access to something they shouldn't have. They are completely separate issues.

Comment Set up a RAID 51 :D (Score 1) 499


Buy lots of hard drives and build a NAS using RAID 51. Pretty much never have to worry again. Use PAR2 if you want just in case files somehow get corrupted.

It's a way overboard solution, but it's pretty close to bulletproof. Using something like Carbonite or one of the other remote online storage methods mentioned would be much similar without the ridiculous costs a home RAID 51 would incur.

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