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Comment Re:This passes as informative these days? How sad (Score 1, Informative) 327

Ohhhh, so Faux News tells the truth, everyone else is lying all the time, right?

Sorry bucko, you're as guilty of being a tard as those you accuse. Take your own advice before coming in here and trying to sound all smart and educated and talk down to everyone else.

Comment Re:The funny thing about this... (Score 1) 187

Ah yes, IIRC Genica is the parent company, and you could buy keyboards and mice and such under that brand. Computer Geeks was the retail arm and Evertek was the wholesale/business arm. They must have expanded at some point if they have a warehouse in Temecula, when I worked there the O'side location was the main and only one.

Comment The funny thing about this... (Score 4, Informative) 187 that it all comes from one warehouse location there in Oceanside. I worked for them for a short time as a temp. It was a less than fond experience, but that's beside the point. All merchandise for the 3 arms of the company come from the same stock. I forget what the 3rd company name they sold under was, but the items you bought under was the same stuff you bought "wholesale" under I can only guess at why they feel the need to end the online arm of if the store part will remain open, and the other arms (if the third still operates) use the same pool of stock. I will say this, they sold a lot of things that I wouldn't bother going to Newegg for because it would cost more.

Comment Re:Or do what the Alamo Drafthouse does... (Score 1) 924

Why was this modded down? It's perfectly relevant and truthful. The writers of the article need to have words with the Alamo Drafthouse because they have such a hard-line ruling against said annoyances, and it works great. the only time said annoyances are a non-issue is during the types of events the above poster mentions.

Comment Hard to say... (Score 1) 532

Back when I was using CRTs I had to have 80Hz minimum, and 85Hz was the point at which my eyes no longer felt "weird" for lack of a better word. I currently have a Dell S2230MX for my main screen and it's LED backlit and I have no issues at all. For what it's worth, unrectified LED Christmas light strings drive me bonkers with their strobing, so not really sure what to say on this one.

Comment You know, Radio Shack did this... (Score 1) 214

...back in the early 00's. We had the RCA wall, the MSN kiosk, specific space for Verizon, Sprint, and Tracfone... Very little of the store was left for what made Radio Shack Radio Shack. Since then they've taken some of the shelf and floor space back, but very little is Radio Shack's own shit, and it doesn't matter anyways because they don't hire anyone who has a fuckin' clue anyhow.

I guess thinking about it, Best Buy is already most of the way there, so fuck it, why not further marginalize themselves by giving someone else space in their shop.

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