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Comment Re:rotting carcass (Score 2, Interesting) 171

"Call it my personal heaven to know that I'll be recycled by nature." Reflecting on this statement makes me realize something about myself... this thought also gives me an immense sense of comfort, which I find odd. I'd like to be of use after my death, preferably through organ donation and/or being laid to ground in some way. I've considered signing up as a post-mortem test-subject for medical studies, but the thought makes me somewhat uncomfortable for some reason. I may or may not change my mind on that subject. I've read something about freeze-drying human remains for use as compost, but afaik this option isn't available where I live. In any case traditional burial and cremation are not options I'm considering,

Journal Journal: New Species Of Dinosaur

According to http://www.wastedblog.com/viewcontent.php?IdContent=4655 a new species of dinosaur has been discovered. Michael Ryan, curator of vertebrate paleontology for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, published the discovery in this month's Journal of Paleontology. He dug up the fossil six years ago in southern Alberta, Canada, while a graduate student for the University of Calgary. The new dinosaur has been named

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