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Comment Not how the eye works? (Score 1) 152

I guess it would work ok if the display were constantly changing, but static images on the retina fade pretty quickly. You might not notice it, but your eye is constantly moving (this is called saccadic movement) so that you keep being able to see things. Otherwise, you're not going to be able to see the stuff on these displays, because it will fade from vision like the blood vessels between your retina and your cornea.

Comment As a Canadian living in the USA.... (Score 1) 505

I am SHOCKED at how often companies will ask for your SSN to do a credit check. Want a cell phone? SSN. Want Cox Cable Internet? SSN. Want any number of services for which a company is not becoming your creditor? SSN.

When I first found out that Cox wanted my SSN to allow me to sign up as a customer, I emailed to ask them how they would be storing my SSN, and for how long, and what security measures they had in place to prevent the theft of my SSN. They couldn't answer these questions. They just kept telling me that providing my SSN would allow them to determine whether I needed to pay a deposit before I started service. Well, if you're not competent enough to answer those questions for me, I'm not forking over my SSN........

I don't understand how this came to be the accepted norm in this country. It seems like a horrendous violation of privacy. It's just BEGGING to be abused.

Comment why.... (Score 1) 429

can't you just have it embedded into the prompt that you can type something like "what" to find out what programs you can run? It's no more intuitive to have to click a series of buttons, really.

Like a prompt that goes something like

User user in Directory directory. Type 'what' for full program list:>

Comment Re:Filed Under the NYT's "Fashion & Style?" (Score 1) 631

Uhhh. Look. Just because you're using this narrow definition of "purpose" doesn't mean that everybody is. Nor, that because science hasn't posited a value for your n term, it says we have no purpose.

It has nothing to say about the purpose of humanity or the universe. It has no evidence about the purpose of either. All the anthropomorphic "Science" has to say about the purpose of the universe and humanity is: "Oooo, this (humanity, the Universe, Marshmallow Fluff) is kinda neat, why don't we try to understand the mechanisms that underpin it?" Science looks at things. It describes and predicts the behaviours of things. It does NOT answer the question "why" in any meaningful way, beyond "to be understood."


Submission + - Caution advised on music, tech toy links

MsManhattan writes: While search engines are getting better at filtering risky links out of search results, about 20 percent of the links returned for keyword searches using terms related to digital music and tech toys are unsafe, according to a new study by security vendor McAfee Inc. Overall, across all of the major search engines, only 4 percent of search results link to malicious sites, which can range from sites that try to run attack code on your PC to sites associated with spam. That's an improvement over last year, when McAfee found that 5 percent of search results linked to unsafe sites.

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