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Comment My fellow legislators... (Score 1) 165

My fellow legislators, this situation is an outrage. I have been receiving letters from my constituents angry that this legislative body has placed itself above the law, and that we are not subject to paying traffic fines like everyone else. I have promised my constituents that I will IMMEDIATELY take action on this issue. As such, I hereby move that my bill, Equality Under Law Act (EULA), be scheduled for a floor vote at the beginning of the next legislative session. Thank You. God Bless America.

Let the record show that this motion has passed unanimously. The Equality Under Law Act is hereby scheduled for a vote at the beginning of the next legislative session, subject of course to the standard legislative rules for indefinite postponement in the event that any legislator makes a motion to address urgent legislation, and that motion is seconded. We now move on to the pressing matter of a bill to rename local Post Office #128 as "Veterans Memorial Post Office".


Comment Plug can't support ZFS (Score 2) 87

Unless the "plug" has a lot more RAM than your average plug-in device, Plug can't support ZFS either. ZFSoL has a minimum RAM recommendation of 2GB. ZFS also has the overhead of checksumming, which on modern non-embedded CPUs isn't a problem, but on an embedded system, present a significant overhead.

ZFS is an enterprise filesystem; it's not designed for low-end hardware.

Comment Sing along! (Score 1) 193

78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 (repeat x6)
Mushroom mushroom!
78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 (repeat x6)
A snake a snake! Snake a snake ohhh it's a snake...

The damn Slashdot Lameness Filter won't let me fully write it out without the (repeat x6). Grrrr.


Comment Re:Eh? (Score 2) 193

Right. ANYONE who can access the local network, or if the device is internet accessible ANYONE on the internet, can enter the username HPSupport and the password badg3r5.

This is a wide open highly dangerous back door, which was (formerly) protected by nothing more than the hope that (1) no one bothered to notice that HP publicly offered this sort of remote support and (2) the hope that no one who did notice it bothered spending 20 seconds on Google to find a website that could instantly decode the SHA-1 "78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50" of the password back into the raw password "badg3r5".


Comment Identifying part of the problem.... (Score 1) 580

If I may borrow a quote from Representative Paul Broun on the House committee for Science Space and Technology, this so-called study is obviously just another Lie Straight From The Pit Of Hell. As he says, the Bible is "the manufacturer's handbook". Obviously science would be a lot easier if students spent a lot more time in Bible class and spent a lot less time in science class.


Comment Re:Last time I checked... (Score 1) 1448

They're just trying to blow off doctrine A in the OT (homosexuality, fornication, adultery, etc.) because doctrine B (don't eat shellfish, etc.) is no longer relevant. That logic isn't sustainable.

You've flipping the logic backwards.

Of course "Leviticus says..." is an unsustainable argument.
The entire point of raising "Leviticus says [shellfish]" is to smack someone over the head with the fact that "Leviticus says..." is an unsustainable argument. If someone wants to cite Old Testament Law as an argument, they need something better than "I personally enjoy shellfish and I personally do not enjoy homosexuality" as a basis for claiming one is a valid God's Law and the other is a "no longer relevant" God's Law.

Even if we take the Bible as the undisputed word of God, we still have the Old Testament was fulfilled/thrown_out/clarified/whatever_you_want_to_call_it by Jesus. Therefore "Leviticus says [homosexuality]" is an unsustainable argument. Saying "Leviticus says [shellfish]" does not positively establish that homosexuality is fine and dandy, but it does positively refute any "Leviticus says..." argument that homosexuality is any worse than eating shellfish or wearing a poly-cotton mixed fiber T-shit.


Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

If the government issues marriage licenses

You've moved beyond my patience with the federal government right there.

*I* haven't. The present reality has.
I said *IF* the government issues marriage licenses *THEN* the government cannot discriminate based on race/religion/gender in granting those licenses.

*IF* the government gets entirely out of the marriage business, I'm fine with that. That is a perfectly reasonable perfectly valid option. If you want to get the law fixed to eliminate government-marriage-licenses, you have my blessing and my passive support. I don't think you're likely to succeed, but if you do, great, problem solved.

But so long as the government *is* issuing marriage licenses, I would appreciate your support, either passive support or preferably active support, that the government cannot use race/religion/gender as a basis to discriminate against interracial/interfaith/gay marriages.


Comment Re:Some people are tougher than others (Score 1) 57

Your scrawny friend had what's referred to as neuromuscular strength and it has nothing to do with aerobic conditioning, and yes, it can be trained. Your friend also probably had lots of what's called "fast twitch" muscle fiber. The proportion is somewhat determined by genetics, but can be influenced by training. There are many, many measures of human strength, power, and endurance. There's three energy systems, as well - neuromuscular (1-15 sec efforts), anerobic (few minutes) and aerobic (10min and up.)

Comment Re:about those taxes (Score 1) 413

You don't pay a "road tax" in the United States. You pay registration fees, which do not even begin to cover the cost of the roads - they merely cover the cost of handling the paperwork related to your vehicle and license. Property taxes and income taxes pay roads in virtually the entire world over.

My bicycle does not weigh enough or generate enough force to cause any wear on a road surface. I ride on bike paths that haven't been paved in 20-30 years and look brand new.

  Your vehicle, especially since you're overcompensating for your small dick by having a big truck, causes enormous road wear. The wear you cause is a fourth-power function of weight.

Dumb hick.

Comment might have been able to find a better rider (Score 2) 58

As someone who has started learning about power and cycling - this was a job for an cat 1 / "elite" racer, or at least someone significantly lighter than the guy in the video. I ride pretty regularly but not competitively, and I'm able to do about 300W for a minute. That's piddlesticks in the world of racing, for my weight.

A sprinter would be able to put out massive power (probably 5-7 times what I can do) but sprinters also tend to be heavy. Someone who isn't a sprinter would have less power, but could weigh 50lb less. There are cyclists who specialize in races with climbing, mostly through being light, pacing themselves properly, and having excellent technique.

I'm wondering how much of a warmup he did - in order to do an effort like that, you really do need to be properly warmed up.

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