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Comment Re:Reassuring? (Score 1) 234

But the question is, would Carrier IQ have been found if it wasn't for Android being open and how long before Apple decided that they wanted to collect more data? Open Source doesn't give you automatic protection, however eventually someone will stumble upon something and go "hrm, this is weird, I wonder what it is".

I'm pretty sure there are already some _good_ laws to prevent these kind of privacy invasions, how are those working out in this case? These big companies only respect the laws that they think can't get away with. When they get busted and a class action is started, they go through the motions and hand out a few vouchers stating "Sorry, we messed up", then continuing doing what they can get away with.

Comment Upload Speed (Score 1) 129

So what about upload speed? Really, that is the achilles heel of all of these technologies. Also how many people are going to live in the zone that gets 100mbps or will it be like where I live, suburban area Perth with a cable run 4km from the exchange (don't mind that the exchange is abount 1.5k away via the road) and getting ADSL1 speeds, but paying for ADSL2+ (which is actually cheaper as it's not provided by the semi privatised monopoly called Telstra).

Comment Re:Maybe it's just me... (Score 1) 33

It doesn't require a book to use, but rather to configure. Well if you want to get fancy with your configuration anyway. The Out of Box experience is well suited to managing software development (It's not just a bug tracker, it's a full software development management suite), however if your using it for something unrelated to software, it takes some tweaking.

We are using it to replace a completely custom developed .NET piece of garbage and there hasn't been a road block that isn't crossable or at least worked around. It's extremely powerful, which means things can get a little complicated. The documentation is pretty good and I haven't struggled much in getting my head around the concepts.

Comment Summary Inaccurate (Score 5, Insightful) 158

Summary slightly inaccurate, this is Telstra/Optus and a few smaller operations (who already offered filtering) who are enabling voluntary filtering. There are plenty of ISPs refusing to implement the filter until it becomes legislation and will fight it with everything they can before then. This will do nothing but make many more customers go to the smaller operators who have better customer service, better pricing etc.

The other stupid part of this is that it is DNS based and the work around is to use different DNS servers. Who actually uses their ISPs DNS servers? I haven't in years!

Comment Re:Regarding IE (Score 2) 193

I found enough good reasons to make our Win7 image to have a prominent Firefox icon, with IE buried in the menus. People can use either, but most go with the path of least resistance, in this case it will be Firefox. It's actually really easy to manage the things most IT departments need to manage. I should know, that's what I do day in, day out.

Comment Re:Why should they change? (Score 4, Informative) 193

Unfortunately that's not the case. Office 2007 requires significant pain for the end user and also doesn't support OOXML all that well. In face a 1.3mb template file is enough to cause 100% cpu load, where as libre office handles the same file without any issues. A number of our staff voluntarily use Libre Office and we deploy it on our rental equipment as we cant justify the license cost of MS Office to open the simple excel files our survey software generates.

Comment Re:Seems unfair to me (Score 2) 203

The thing is, shipping costs more than the 10% GST in most cases anyway. So there isn't anything to gain from taxing overseas retailers. All it does is make things more complicated to purchase from them, meaning that at the end of the day, the only people that would lose out in that scenario are the consumers. So if the prices were competitive, people would more than likely buy local. I know that's how I operate, international sales are a pain when you need to make a warranty claim.

So IMHO, Gerry Harvey or any of those other large retail chains do not have a right to my money, they can stick their bad customer service and exorbitant prices up their collective coits.

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