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Federal Court Tosses Colorado's Amazon Tax 229

suraj.sun writes, quoting the Denver Post: "A federal court has thrown out a 2010 Colorado law, which had already been temporarily blocked in federal court last year, meant to spur online retailers like Amazon to collect state sales tax. 'I conclude that the veil provided by the words of the act and the regulations is too thin to support the conclusion that the act and the regulations regulate in-state and out-of-state retailers even-handedly,' U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn wrote in his opinion. The law and the rules to carry it out 'impose an undue burden on interstate commerce' and are unconstitutional, the judge wrote. The tax mainly affected online sales of out-of-state companies that have in-state affiliates, usually generating sales through links on their websites." I wonder what this means for the plethora of similar bills in other states. Will Amazon continue to call for a national Internet sales tax if they are all struck down?

Comment Re:Missing the point? (Score 1) 358

My nexus s used to lose connection to cell towers with android 2.3.1. Apparently a subsysem had crashed an the only way to restore the connection was to restart the phone. The crash was always silent, without any notification, I usually noticed it when I tried to make phone calls. Often (about every other week) I spent days without connection before I noticed it. The problem was not limited to my phone and it reocurred with firs vanilla 4.0 firmware.

Being able to receive basic phone calls does constitue as "decent function".

Comment Re:Two-dimensional? (Score 1) 160

It's not two dimensional if it has a measurable thickness, which you stated in that same sentence. Unless you have a different definition of "two dimensional" than the rest of us.

It's two dimensional in sense that the third dimension is insignificantly small relative to other two dimensions e.g. it's flat. Also keep in mind that flat does not mean planar, for example earth is flat in spherical coordinates (r=const).

Comment Re:Prove your absurd prices (Score 1) 1303

What I find even more disgusting is the following:

We don't have an obligation to solve America's problems. Our only obligation is making the best product possible.

The core ideas behind capitalism are heartless. You must either participate the lottery called "American Dream" or accept socialism. I will be the first one to welcome you to EU if you choose the latter.

Well apparently corporations are people too

It's not true.

The biggest problem with business today. Not just shortsighted and focused on short term profits, but the "Fuck America" attitude as long as it makes them X amount of more profit. Profit at all costs.

Don't be so modest, the attitude they teach in business school is "Fuck the World".

Comment Re:Android performance (Score 1) 92

Despite improvements, ICS isn't quite as smooth and responsive as iOS was four years ago on the first iPhone, and it's really becoming quite an annoyance that Google hasn't yet solved this.

Both iOS and Windows Phone 7 use retained mode graphics, while android uses immediate mode graphics. Difference is that in android cpu has to redraw everything on screen when something changes while competitors load everything to GPU which will then redraw the screen. Android developers brag about android being hardware accelerated but it still uses the old model - even tho line command is hardware accelerated the cpu still has to make this line command.

Comment Re:And apple's market cap is going to collapse (Score 1) 296

Apple's strategy for the last decade has been to ride the cusp of the wave of commoditisation. They identify a market that is about to be overrun by commodity products, enter it at the point when they can get commodity prices from their suppliers but still charge premium prices to their customers, and then move on to a new market while keeping a small share at the expensive end of the newly commoditised market.

I personally think that part of Apples success comes from focus on small set of products. They don't speak about generic "target audiences" and "markets" as much as others do and they don't flood those markets with products for each niche segment. For us, consumers, it doesn't matter if Apple can keep it going - they already changed the industry. For apple shareholders there would be something to worry about when P/E ratio grows larger, but currently there's no bubble there.

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