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Comment Re:US (Score 1) 302

I'm from Europe, I just bought an Nexus S phone from US that has USB charger. My previous Nokia 5800 phone had the micro USB port, but it could not be used for charging. It was strange because the Nokia charger was 5V but used proprietary connector.

Comment Re:AMD...I am disappoint. (Score 1) 152

Yeah, I figured it was because of TSMC sucking on the 32/28nm process, but that's a hurdle that Nvidia has also had to jump, although I'm not sure how dependent their plans have been on the die shrink.

GTX480 was designed for 23nm process but done on 40nm process - that's the main reason behind huge power draw and heat problems.

Comment Re:Confusing naming (Score 1) 152

I understand that, but that isn't what I meant. I was wondering why they couldn't make a naming scheme that makes sense.

They had a perfectly good naming scheme (both ati and nvidia) but ATi cheated with HD 6000 series by assigning 6600 level card 6800 level name.

Comment Re:Confusing naming (Score 1) 152

I recently purchased an ATI 6850 with my new system, but it seems that the 5970 still outperforms it.

Worse than that - even 5850 outperforms it. ATi changed the 6000 series naming to compete with strong geforce 460 offer from nVidia. I'm pretty sure 6850 should actually be 6650 and the new 6950 should be 6850 when using conventional naming scheme.

Comment Re:That's not the first time (Score 1) 473

Maths was ahead of other sciences, in the sense that the maths for a certain breakthrough was already there, but simply ignored. The one needed by Einstein was already there since decades, but no physicist was aware of it!

Are you implying that everyone should learn everything that is ever invented in math in calculus course? Memorize all equations just in case you ever need them?

Anyway, the bottom line of the story is that every BS/MS should include a calculus course.

I completely agree with you. Math is incredibly useful tool ONLY if you know how to use it. Sadly, many programmers don't even know basic linear algebra. Take MS .NET library - row vectors and left-hand coordinates is nuisance but what they did with quaternion is a crime!

Comment Re:Workaround, yeah (Score 1) 326

Maybe then I could actually work with Gulfstream's horrible part models where they include literally the whole god-damn aircraft's surface geometry in the digital part model for a fucking bolt.

1000 core processor is not a cure for human ignorance.

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