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Comment Re:Android performance (Score 1) 92

Despite improvements, ICS isn't quite as smooth and responsive as iOS was four years ago on the first iPhone, and it's really becoming quite an annoyance that Google hasn't yet solved this.

Both iOS and Windows Phone 7 use retained mode graphics, while android uses immediate mode graphics. Difference is that in android cpu has to redraw everything on screen when something changes while competitors load everything to GPU which will then redraw the screen. Android developers brag about android being hardware accelerated but it still uses the old model - even tho line command is hardware accelerated the cpu still has to make this line command.

Comment Re:And apple's market cap is going to collapse (Score 1) 296

Apple's strategy for the last decade has been to ride the cusp of the wave of commoditisation. They identify a market that is about to be overrun by commodity products, enter it at the point when they can get commodity prices from their suppliers but still charge premium prices to their customers, and then move on to a new market while keeping a small share at the expensive end of the newly commoditised market.

I personally think that part of Apples success comes from focus on small set of products. They don't speak about generic "target audiences" and "markets" as much as others do and they don't flood those markets with products for each niche segment. For us, consumers, it doesn't matter if Apple can keep it going - they already changed the industry. For apple shareholders there would be something to worry about when P/E ratio grows larger, but currently there's no bubble there.

Comment Re:Before last weekend, I would say it's a fad (Score 1) 692

The OpenGL is low level stuff, were talking about animating high level controls.

WPF (silverlight is subset of it) applications in windows animate smoothly even tho the programs are written in C# that has similar garbage collector and nobody cares about allocation/deallocation in .NET world. On the other hand the apps that rely on old GDI or windows.forms have problems with animations even with modern Core i7 systems. There are additional advantages to this approach also - it frees cpu for other stuff and reduces power usage.

The OpenGL is still relevant as the high level library should use it for hardware access just as WPF uses Direct3D.

Comment Re:Before last weekend, I would say it's a fad (Score 1) 692

The animations on android are still not as slick as ipad. Considering how much everyone goes on about "polish" I do not understand why they don't fix this. It sounds like a small thing, but i think it's really important.

It is not an easy thing to fix as they do it wrong at fundamental level. They would need to move to retained graphics model (instead of immediate) and that would mean rewriting ALL the apps. In retained model app describes what's on screen and GPU is responsible for updating the screen - no garbage collector can interrupt that. Currently android developers have said that they wait for faster processors but it's just a demonstration of their ignorance.

IOS and WP7 use retained model and are both slick.

As of topic - I'm in bed and typing this on iPad. Typing on ipad is really hard.

Comment Re:Fundamentally (Score 1) 567

Fundamentally people need to be taught that mindless repetitive tasks are something that the computer can do for them.

Like cleaning rooms, driving cars, brushing teeth or ironing shirts? As soon as you tell people that computers are smart they want to use at tasks it's useless. Have you not seen software project managers with ideas that require both artificial intelligence an a perpetum mobile.

Comment Re:Biased summary (Score 3, Insightful) 242

As a PhD student I have to release aritcles to these journals. I must release at least 3 articles to journals that are indexed by Thompson Web of Science, by doing that I must give away my copyright and sometimes the institute Is paying to them. My proffessor has to release articles to get funding and to keep his job. Others release articles in hopes to become a professor one day. Really, the system is sick - the goverment funding is divided in our university to institutes based on who publishes more to journals indexed by the databases.

Yesterday I received an invitation of publishing to a journal special issue on my narrow field of research. The journal is free to everybody and I get to keep the copyright tho it does not give me any points torwards PhD. After reading the comment on that torrent I feel obligated to write an article to the journal even if I really don't have any time for it.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 306

But it does; the 4 in "iPhone 4" stands for 4th generation iPhone. So technically it's 4G iPhone, even tho it uses third generation cellular tech.

PS! The stuff that's usually called 4G is not fourth generation tech either. 4G means 1Gbps when stationary and 100Mbps when on the move.

Comment Re:2027? 2045? (Score 1) 159

Even when oil "runs out" and they stop exporting it there will always be enough of it to run the desalination plants. While I do agree that Norway should be made as an example of how a country should use the oil money, I do not think the arabs in Dubai are morons.

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