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Submission + - Wikipedia community vote on license migration (

mlinksva writes: "A Wikipedia community vote is now underway on migrating to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike as the main content license for Wikimedia Foundaton projects. This would remove a legal barrier to reusing Wikipedia content (now under the Free Documentation License, intended for narrow use with software documentation, because Wikipedia started before CC existed) in other free culture projects and vice versa."

Comment Re:Many stations switchin anyway... (Score 1) 334

Here in they UK it's not black and white, but they replace BBC Two with information on how to switch for a few months before they turn off analogue.

Different regions are switching at different times - over a period of months. The highly-populated London area switches last, in 2012. Some areas have already switched.

It seems to be going well, but if they'd mucked it up the first few times then that's a small problem, not a big one.


Submission + - BBC kicked out of school

h2g2bob writes: "Ben Goldacre reports that the BBC Panorama team, while scaremongering over wifi were told to leave the school because even the kids could see it was dumb:

When the children saw Alasdair's Powerwatch website, and the excellent picture of the insulating mesh beekeeper hat that he sells (£27) to "protect your head from excess microwave exposure", they were astonished and outraged. Panorama were calmly expelled from the school.
Should we be pleased that the kids can out-think TV producers?"

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