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Spring Dynamic Modules In Action Screenshot-sm 63

RickJWagner writes "Every once in a while a technical book comes out that so exhaustively covers a topic that it becomes the definitive word on the topic. These books are the end-all reference, the final authority, the singular go-to reference that every practitioner falls back to in their hour of need. This book review covers one such book, the newly released Spring Dynamic Modules in Action from Manning." Read below for the rest of Rick's review.

Comment Charges has been dropped! (Score 1) 1017

Jag anser inte att det finns anledning att misstänka att han har begått våldtäkt, säger Eva Finné i ett pressmeddelande från Åklagarmyndigheten.
Quick translation: I dont think there is any reason to suspect that he has comitted rape says prosecutor Eva Finné.

Comment One old phone (Score 1) 307

I always keep one old phone in case I drop my new phone down the loo again.

(Had it in my breast pocket and bent forward to replace the empty roll of toilet paper)

Older phones get returned to the store as it's quite common (in Sweden) to give a pretty good rebate when you buy a new phone if you bring in an older still working phone.

Hardware Hacking

The Chipophone — an 8-Bit Chiptune Organ 84

adunk writes "Linus Åkesson has built an 8-bit synthesizer inside an old electric organ case. 'All the original tone-generating parts have been disconnected, and the keys, pedals, knobs and switches rerouted to a microcontroller which transforms them into MIDI signals. Those are then parsed by a second microcontroller, which acts as a synthesizer.' The Chipophone is perfect for playing classics such as the Super Mario Bros in-game music or Rob Hubbard's Spellbound. A description of the build process, with photos, is available."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Scambaiting Gets Comical; Internet Scammers All Dressed Up 178

Nurse Nasty writes "Scambaiting is a fun and relaxing full-contact email sport. It's all about baiting Internet and email scammers into exposing themselves and sharing that humiliation with the entire world. Recently I baited four different groups of Internet scammers into being comic book action super-heroes, and then giving them their own 10-page graphic novel. It's a bit of fun and eduction through entertainment." (Warning: The comic contains a bit of naughty language.)

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 221

The issue is that in the beginning we where told that nothing you could buy for "real money" would give you an advantage over non-paying players. Now the currency you get for playing is worth a lot less than it used to be so it's almost impossible to claim that this is still true.

I still think it's a fun game when I can play ("Error 3" - I'm looking at you) and bought some snazzy clothes and two weapons for my soldier.

Submission + - How to start a new venture with no resources? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have an amazing idea to create a product that would revolutionize a subset of the computing market. I have absolutely no funds of my own, and I am not eligible for any government grants from my home country. I don't have my product developed, although I am able to demo the essence of the technology in action, and sell the fact that it should be ported to other platforms with the changes that would make it profitable. I have a detailed business plan with financials and descriptions of everything along the way. What I would like to know, is how I can go about finding investors to set this up? Angel investors and VCs are no good from what I can tell, since they all want to invest in already established companies.

This would be a technology company, based on OSS technology and giving a whole lot back to the economy and field. The idea is not patentable, so all that I can do is hope to get the product to market before bigger companies come out with their own versions of the product.

The market my product I would be competing in is reported by many reputable sources(forbes, wsj etc) to not be affected by the current economy, and may in fact benefit from it, so I see that as a good sign. I am not a US citizen, but feel I need to target the US market if I want to succeed, and hence setup a US based company. I have no company registered since I don't see the point without yet having a product, something impossible without funding. I would also like to retain control of the company I wish to setup after obtaining funding. My question is, what can I do in this situation? How can I find investors I can convince just on my idea alone without having collateral or an established company?"

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