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Publishers Detail Specific In-Game Ad Plans For Future Games 104

MTV's Multiplayer Blog recaps a recent event held by Massive Inc., a subsidiary of Microsoft, during which game publishers put forth specific ideas on what types of in-game advertising players will and won't be seeing in the near future. The examples varied in how interactive and intrusive they were, from name-brand bottled water power-ups to destructible virtual billboards to taking advantage of sports game locker rooms for product placement. They did claim they would restrain themselves from blatant advertisements that would ruin immersion in fantasy games. Blizzard partnered with Massive to bring ads to, but don't expect to see ads in the associated games.

Comment Re:People scoffed at my contention... (Score 1) 905

Except that he's correct. More people do get paid to develop software that fits the definition of Free Software. I believe that's always been the case.

Every person who works in the IT shop of some company churning out custom solutions for that company is working on Free Software.

Can you give any facts that support this claim?

Comment Re:Non fighting, non loot games... (Score 1) 329

I disagree - and so would market figures. The average age of gamers is rising every year, and now that there are proportionately less youngsters playing games so there is less need for gamers to use games to vent their unconscious rage against their sense of powerlessneness.

I don't dispute that gamers are getting older. I'll be 40 in a couple of weeks. But I do think you are talking out of your a** when you claim older gamers have less need of killing sprites to let off some steam than younger people.
It's not like we have less things to be frustrated about (kids (my own), mortage, pension, prostate, hair loss, kids (on lawn), PHB, dog with fleas, price of gas....)

It's funny.  Laugh.

Lame Duck Challenge Ends With Free Codeweavers Software For All 433

gzipped_tar writes to tell us that The Codeweavers "Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge" has ended in surprise and free software all day Tuesday (October 28, 2008) at the Codeweavers site. A while back Codeweavers gave President Bush a challenge to meet one of several goals before he left office. One of these goals was to lower gas prices in the Twin Cities below $2.79 a gallon, which has since transpired. "How was I to know that President Bush would take my challenge so seriously? And, give the man credit, I didn't think there was *any* way he could pull it off. But engineering a total market meltdown - wow - that was pure genius. I clearly underestimated the man. I'm ashamed that I goaded him into this and take full responsibility for the collapse of any savings you might have. Please accept our free software as my way of apologizing for the global calamity we now find ourselves embroiled in."

Submission + - Girl kills herself over LHC fear mongering (

AnonChef writes: "

A teenage girl in central India killed herself after being traumatised by media reports that a 'Big Bang' experiment in Europe could bring about the end of the world, her father said. The 16-year old girl from the state of Madhya Pradesh drank pesticide and was rushed to the hospital but later died, police said.

So sad that the medias desire to sell a few more copies/adspots makes them spread this kind of fud.
I really think the medias has gone downhill ethically, but perhaps it's always been this bad and I'm only delusional."


Submission + - Google Chrome Released! 19

AKAImBatman writes: "Google's much anticipated web browser Google Chrome is now available for download. This new browser professes to have process-isolated tabs, the fastest Javascript VM on the market, extensive compatibility with existing web pages and web standards, and Google Gears pre-installed. For those who are concerned about the privacy of the browser, Google has a privacy FAQ to address your concerns."

Feed Engadget: Conceptual teddy bear phone shown off in Japan, could totally sell for $199 on c (

Filed under: Cellphones

We've seen some bizarre -- bizarre -- handsets in our day, but this one is just too darn cute to call weird. The conceptual Kuma Phone was recently shown off in Japan by Willcom, and according to local reports, the audience in attendance absolutely adored it. The GSM teddy bear, er, mobile can hold up to four speed dial numbers, boasts a built-in vibration function and allows users to answer / terminate calls by "pressing the tail." An accompanying pamphlet suggested that it would run around $500 should it ever hit mass production, which leads us to wonder if they plan on using Boyds / Vermont Teddies or something.

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Where Has All My Spam Gone? 597

An anonymous reader writes "I have my own domain, which has its own email server, where I receive all my personal email. I've been getting about 800 emails a day, of which perhaps 20 are real. Suddenly, Sunday or Monday evening, the spam pretty much stopped. My volume of mail has plummeted to less than 100 a day, and as far as I can tell, I'm not missing any real mail — I'm still getting the email list subscriptions I'm expecting, and every time I ask someone to send me a test message, it gets through. My domain host insists that it doesn't do any spam filtering before mail gets to my inbox, and that they've changed nothing about their configuration. I run SpamAssassin on my server to mark, but not delete, spam, and download the whole mess to my home client, and I'm still seeing the occasional message tagged by SpamAssassin. But it's virtually all gone. And I haven't changed anything about my own mail configuration, or the harvestability of my site (my personal email has been harvestable for almost a decade). So what's going on? I can't believe that several major botnets would have vanished overnight. Any ideas?"

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