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Comment Using it for a while now (Score 0) 403

I am a very open minded person when it comes to what OS I use, I personally have machines running OS X, Linux (a couple of flavors), Windows 7 and WIndows 8. Everytime I pick up the laptop (A Dell E6510) that used to be my favorite, I end up shutting it down and going for the one with either Windows 7 or Linux on it. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to add a second email account to the wonderful email app, only to find out that it doesn't like my Exim mail server for some reason. I will be putting Windows 7 back on the machine as soon as I have some time.

Comment This is news? (Score 1) 83

People have been warning anyone who would listen for several years about the issues with these things. Do a google search on hacking POS credit card terminals, it will turn up lots of results from several years back. Yay for B&N for coming clean, but why didn't they replace them, or use their purchasing power to get them fixed before this happened?

Submission + - WhatsApp threatens legal action instead of fixing massive security flaws (h-online.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In an apparent reaction to the security vulnerabilities demonstrated by The H's associates at heise Security, the company behind WhatsApp Messenger is taking action against the developers of a library of functions for using the WhatsApp service via a PC. The developers have responded by removing the source code from the web.

However, the popular texting alternative WhatsApp still has a major security problem. Attackers can compromise other users' accounts with relative ease, and send and receive messages from another user's account.

Forked versions of the code are still available on Github.


Submission + - Automatic Detection of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

compumike writes: "Tinfoil Security today released a browser-based website penetration testing tool as a service. "We've caught SQL injection, XSS, insecure cookies, and other vulnerabilities in 93% of websites scanned, even in frameworks like Django and Rails," said Ainsley Braun, the CEO. Earlier this year, they found a vulnerability in United Airlines that leaked flight passenger manifests. Expensive security consultants and in-house security teams can be replaced with an army of machines providing constant scanning for all websites."

Submission + - GNOME 3.6 released (gnome.org)

kthreadd writes: Mostly bug fixes and improved translations. New applications include Clocks and Boxes. Clocks is a world time clock, which allows you to keep an eye on what the local time is around the world. Boxes allows you to connect to other machines, either virtual or remote. For developers there's the new GtkLevelBar widget in GTK+, and GtkEntry can now use Pango attributes.

Submission + - Review: VMware Workstation 9 vs. VirtualBox 4.2 (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Serdar Yegalulp provides an in-depth comparison of VMware Workstation 9 and VirtualBox 4.2, finding that while VMware Workstation is richer in features and polish than ever, VirtualBox is still both capable and free. 'For those willing to put their money down, VMware Workstation is the easy winner. It isn't just the performance, but the polish and the cross-integration with other VMware products that make Workstation worth the money. That said, VirtualBox is no slouch, and it has a few useful items that aren't available in either Workstation or VMware Player.'"

Submission + - Male Researchers Reveal the Real Reason Why Men Love Breasts (medicaldaily.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Two male researchers have attempted to answer the age-old question: why are men obsessed with women's breasts?
The authors say that one of the reasons why heterosexual men are so fascinated by women's breasts is because of a simple hormone released during breastfeeding that helps form the powerful bond between mother and baby. This hormone is also responsible for creating the evolutionary drive for strong nurturing bonds between lovers, according to the authors.
Dr. Young, who is one of the world's leading social neuroscientists, wrote that "biologically speaking" the human male's obsession with breasts is "pretty weird".

Submission + - Is Samsung aiming for a smartphone running Tizen (itworld.com)

abhi2012 writes: "Samsung might be aiming for a smartphone running Tizen, an opensource OS aimed at handhelds and car infotainment systems. Tizen recently went to Alpha, opening up its code (https://source.tizen.org/release) for developers to look at. A quick look at its 3-tier architecture (https://source.tizen.org/documentation/architecture-overview) suggests its somewhat akin to Android's architecture and will also consist of a bunch of API's making the life of app developers easier. According to the article in ITWorld, the WiFi has recently passed a Samsung Device running Tizen which could mean that we can expect a smartphone running Tizen in the probable near future. Fingers crossed :)"

Submission + - Woz says Australia/NBN story "faulty reporting" (fastnetnews.com)

Daveberstein writes: "One misleading story was picked up by 30 other reporters, none of whom bothered to check with Steve Wozniak. When I did, he emailed. “I am taking the first steps toward my goal of Australian citizenship, which is to apply for an extended visa so that I can reside here. I have desired to find the path to accomplish this for decades. It has nothing to do with NBN (faulty reporting) although I'm always a staunch advocate for technology and bandwidth and sharing and internet freedom. But the two things are not connected. NBN is good in my mind and is a side benefit but that's all.” http://fastnetnews.com/fiber-news/175-d/4856-woz-nbn-is-not-why-im-going-australian [fastnetnews.com]"

Comment interesting but flawed (Score 1) 136

So, because you would have to design new security tools and think a different way in order to make it sure, does that make it flawed? Does this mean we are no longer free to innovate unless it fits into some mold? That is just stupid. If someone comes up with a new way of doing things, put on your REAL security hat and come up with a way to secure it, don't just spread FUD about how it is BAD!!

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