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Ask Slashdot: Changing Passwords For the New Year? 339

New submitter windcask asks "Every New Year's Day, I assemble and memorize a random collection of seven to ten mixed-case alphanumeric characters and proceed to change every password I have on the interwebs to these characters (plus a few extra characters unique to the site). The problem is I only change them on the sites I visit. Once in a while, I'll come across a site I haven't visited for a few years, and I may end up not being able to guess the password before the try-lockout takes effect. What are your password-changing rituals, and how do they deal with situations like mine? I do use Keepass for work, but it is sometimes impractical for times I'm at other computers."

Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation? 848

rsmith84 writes "I'm the Senior Systems administrator for a small trade college. When I was hired on, it was strictly for L3 related tasks such as advanced server administration, Exchange design and implementation, etc. They have no in-house programmers, no help desk software, and no budget to purchase one. I'm a moderate PHP and MySQL programmer on the side and am easily capable of writing something to meet their needs, but do not believe I should be A) asked to or B) required to, as my job description and employment terms are not based upon this skill set. I like a challenge, and since all of my goals outlined since my hire date have been met and exceeded, I have a lot of down time. So I wrote the application. It streamlines several critical processes, allows for a central repository of FAQ, and provides end users with access to multiple systems all in one place. I've kept a detailed time log of my work and feel I should be remunerated for the work before just handing over the code. The entire source was developed on personal equipment off company hours. My question is: what should I do? If they are willing to compensate me, I will gladly hand it over. However, it's been mentioned that, if I do the project, it is all but guaranteed that I will see no compensation. The application would streamline a lot of processes and take a lot of the burden off my team, freeing them up to handle what I deem to be more challenging items on their respective punch lists and a better utilization of their time and respective skills. I'm a firm believer in not getting 'something for nothing,' especially when the skills are above my pay grade."

Comment I use (Score 1) 375

View My Server ---> 2 gig of RAM bustable to 4 gig and 2 cores, 7.5 TB of traffic per month, 75 gig of disk space...for $25.00 per month. They are in Arizona. I have run into issues running Concrete5 on them, but it is a bare metal system, so it is really my problem, not theirs. Concrete5 requires some serious PHP tweaking and I haven't gotten there yet. Really fast support and nice bunch of guys!

Comment Re:Fear and loath... (Score 1) 357

Yep, and if they did support it, they would have a standard build. You probably wouldn't have the ability to customize much at all and would have updates pushed to you from whatever patch management system they use. I don't understand why anyone would even attempt to use that argument, if you use a system in a corporate environment, it isn't just for security reasons that they have a standard build, it is for ease of updates and support.

Comment Re:KDE. (Score 0) 357

Your opinion means nothing when you post it as an AC. Put on your big boy pants and voice your opinion or STFU. That being said, I was simply stating that if you are running a recent computer, it is normally not an issue to run KDE on it. I did not (even if you read it in) look down my nose at anyone for using a computer that is older than a few years. Hell, I use one myself that is from 1999, it runs Solaris very well...with Gnome! :o)

Comment Re:KDE. (Score 3, Insightful) 357

Wow...replying to TWO ACs in one's a new record for me! Anyway, I tend to agree with you. Now a days, with the average computer having 4 gigs of ram and at least a 512 meg video card, if not a full 1 gig, there is no reason to speak poorly of KDE. If I had to worry about how much video memory I was using, I might switch to xfce or something, but I don't. That excuse has been removed for all but the third world countries who can't get the latest new hardware or poor people who can't afford a computer made in the last three or four years. Just sayin'.

Comment Re:Openbox (Score 3, Insightful) 357

I normally don't reply to ACs, but since you say you have been using a computer for 13 years, I figured it was worth it. You are on Slashdot. If you think that saying you have been using a computer for 13 years will get you any "Cred" here, you need to look around. There are people here who have been using them for FAR longer.

Comment Sure, and... (Score 1) 219

" The digital divide will cease to exist. Mobile phones will make it easy for even the poorest of poor to get connected." The above should read... "They will try to make everyone believe they can't live without a mobile phone, taking as much money as possible from the poorest of the poor."

Comment Re:Offloading IT cost onto employees (Score 2) 232

I keep hearing people say the same thing you have just said (probably just parroting stuff you have heard someone else say, I would bet). "Good IT and Security is invisible to the user". Pure bullshit. If I were to block your from inserting a USB thumb drive into your computer and not pop up a little window telling you why and who to contact if you REALLY need to insert it, then you would be screeching to desktop support about how your "puter" was busted. Tell many people would pay attention to IT or Security policies that were "behind the scenes"? If you had no idea that you were violating the policies, you might be making ignorant statements...oh, crap, nevermind. Pull your big boy pants on and quit expecting the world to hand you every fucking thing you want on a silver platter, if you want to use a shiny new laptop, fee free, but do it at home and use the one you are given for work, STFU and get some work done.

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