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Comment Re:Move at least one center to Oregon? (Score 1) 334

Well...yes and no. There is quite a history of companies getting out of agreements like this. Most commonly, this happens through bankruptcy restructuring (see Northwest Airlines in Minnesota). But not always, such as the Seattle SuperSonics (basketball team), who are in the process of trying to sue their way out of a contract to lease an arena in Seattle.

Submission + - FBI Requires a Warrant to Install Spyware

mrogers writes: The FBI requires a warrant to install spyware on a suspect's computer, according to a new appeals court ruling. An earlier ruling had appeared to grant the FBI permission to install spyware under the weaker provisions applied to pen registers, which record the telephone numbers or IP addresses contacted by a suspect. However, yesterday's amendment made it clear that the pen register provisions only apply to equipment installed at the suspect's ISP.

The FBI recently used spyware to determine the source of a hoax bomb threat, as reported here and here.

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