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Comment Re:Anyone else with horror stories with Demon? (Score 1) 259

Yes I agree that fax is a secure way but there are multiple other secure ways to do this. A web portal would be extremly useful and reduce their support costs massively by allowing the users to do the changes themselves. Or at least give the power to their phone support technician to make changes if the caller answers a few security question correctly. These options are just as secure if not securer then a fax. Your number can easily be hidden on a fax and it is not hard to get a company header! We send out loads of letters everyday with our company header. Someone could easily scan it and change the contents. I could do it in 5 minutes to fake a letter from any big company like Microsoft.

Comment Anyone else with horror stories with Demon? (Score 4, Informative) 259

I would love to see Demon crash and burn. The most horrible company to deal with. We run a lot of our customers email and domains. We used to buy the domains through demon, then one month they forgot to send us a renewal bill for one of our many domains. Instead of calling us or emailing us like a normal company to check why we hadn't paid they decided to suspend all of our domains for this one outstanding bill. We finally got the missing bill in the post a few days later, dated the same day that they suspended all of our accounts. Then the same things happened a second time a few weeks later. Obviously after the first time we asked them to double check that there where no more outstanding bills we hadn't received and they assured us that we were all up to date. Turned out they missed one of our accounts when they checked. Awful company to deal with in general, any DNS changes to a domain has to be done via fax on a letter with the company's header. Seriously? A large ISP like Demon cant make DNS changes over the phone/email or even have a management site online where the customer can change this? Of course they refused to give us our AuthInfo codes when we requested them. They said we could not get them for 6 months as we had just bought the domains. Turned out that when they "suspended" our domains they actually just canceled all of them and then put them through as a new orders to reactivate them. Finally got the AuthInfo code but had to put through the cancellation first which was scary to do as I had a feeling they were just going to cancel it and give us the AuthInfo code at the same time as they remove all our DNS records from their NS server. Luckily the move went through smoothly. Now with Zen and 1&1 which in comparison are top notch. All of this for a stupid outstanding amount of £12 renewal fee for 1 domain. Our customers ended up having 3 days of no emails or web services. Thank you and goodbye Demon!

Comment Re:This was bound to happen. (Score 1) 456

It is very low, both are very low. I think what the poster was referring to is the difference between a low orbiting satellite like Iridium (laymen terms, low orbiting satellites move around the earth) and a geo stationary satellite (layment terms, a fixed satellite). A low orbit satellite is only ~200-2000 km above the earth whilst a geo stationary satellite is 35000km above the earth surface.

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