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Comment Re:Be Proactive (Score 1) 374

I think the original poster will have a very difficult time, if not impossible time, getting into the field in anything other than the lowest, least skilled position (with commensurate pay). Just knowing C++ is not enough to break into the field in a few months.

I think in general the post is true. If you cannot have the luxury to work all day on something relevant about the field, you cannot be prepared for a real job in months or a year.

Comment Bad calculation (Score 1) 214

In general i like AMD better, but these comparisons are usually wrong! If you upgrade your engine in your car and get +20% horsepower, are your car really 20% better?

Please notice that your computer is not just a processor, so when measuring performance of the processor/dollar then please use the performance/whole-machine formula instead.

However if you use your machine for io-intensive tasks, the question is bad for you. Anyways this way of calculating is simply not correct. If you are a quantum-mech scientist maybe... even my eclipse building my java code eats the hdd not cpu.

Comment Re:Ring of Fire (Score 1) 242

actually i had an abit nf-7 mobo some times ago and my friend had too. he trashed his bios and i restored it by booting his machine with my bios eeprom installed then switched the eeprom in the running machine to the bad and uploaded the bios successfully.

Comment Re:Some of you need to get over it (Score 1) 883

I think wind and solar NOW is not making money. It is too expensive and others are developing it. When it becomes cheaper, the biggest companies start to mass-produce it and kill the smalls that developed them. Not fair. Maybe i could say who cares. People get the tech and clean energy some day. That's what Shell wants.

Comment Re:Bah (Score 0, Troll) 883

The surface of Earth is hardly enough to give people food they want. Why would anyone think it's enough to drive the much more hungry cars and super-computers? :)

Anyway some regulation wave of 5% of fuel should be bio-ethanol drove the food prices to the skies just 1-2 years ago.

Comment Re:No, no, no (Score 1) 883

I think that accident didn't happen because of the infancy of the technology but because of chains human mistakes operating the facility including turning off the protection mechanism etc.

I think it strengthens and weakens your point at the same time. The technology is already foolproof and we are dumb not to use it. The humans operating the technology are idiots or some of them are idiots. The more plants you have the more chance you'll get some idiot melting it down.

Maybe some regulations can decrease this probability by orders of magnitude though.

Comment Re:It's fusion or bust (Score 1) 883

Who cares they don't. I don't think that we can completely kill our planet with waste and other craps. The oil and natural gas is so rare, it's simply not enough the provide all the energy to finish ourselves by waste. When it will be damn expensive to get some energy (and wind and solar panels are more expensive now, and will be when palladium becomes rare too) then people starts to look for saving energy. All problems solved.

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