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Comment Evolution (Score 1) 453

Maybe a lot of people think that evolution is a kind of convergence to perfectness. Not at all. What evolution is: everyone will survive who is not bad enough to die before making its offspring. So if times come when a good brain eats too much resources and dumb brains are good - just give it a million years and dumbness rules. Then other times come and a good brain has to develop again. No sign of convergence to perfectness.

If you see evolution that way, the article is no surprise.

Comment How expensive? (Score 1) 465

The formula is not so simple. Hardware for Google is REALLY expensive - big numbers, big money. Now think of it a bit, what if Google had a small number of dumb programmers. Hmm. How much hardware would Google need in such situation? :) Much more, 5*big number = 5*big money. So, programmers expensive? Not simply true.

Comment Re:"18 Days" (Score 1) 725

Soldiers and so are not professional IT men, so they can be told that MS is a big company, BAE is so professional, they can do something professional. Anyway, that's the truth maybe. Linux is a no-go, as it's community written, and such is not good enough on paper, who will support it etc. Redhat cannot tell the military that 'no, we didn't make this but try to support' :) It's a nuclear submarine! MS did it, BAE did it, they can support it! Or not.... :) I could sleep better with a solaris for example...

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