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Comment A modicum of context (Score 4, Informative) 147

Looks like Jimbo going to bat for him generated a bit of bad press.

Not being intimately familiar with the story, I wondered who the 'Jimbo' in the summary was. I should have guessed it was he of the 'please give Wikipedia money' banners, Jimmy Wales. In fairness, there have been a couple of stories on /. about it, and it is in one of TFAs; but some context in the summary from the editors or submitter would have been nice. While I'm at it, The Guardian has some coverage too.

Here ends the obligatory grousing about the article summary.

Comment Re:A true American (Score 1) 999

Sales tax is not included on the Apple US site as it varies state-by-state :) The actual cost of the iPad 2 in Germany from the Apple store is EUR 335,29 (ie EUR 399 after tax).

Zwischensumme 335,29 €
Kostenfreie Lieferung 0,00 €
Mehrwertsteuer 63,71 €
Gesamtbetrag 399,00 €


Cart subtotal $499
Free Shipping $0
Estimated Tax $30
Order Total $529

For delivery to a Detroit-metropolitan area ZIP code. Oddly, though the iPad 2 is listed for USD 399, I couldn't actually find out how to buy one of those, the basic price being 499 USD instead. Hope this clears up the confusion!

Comment I got one after hearing about them on Slashdot! (Score 1) 266

Back in April I read a recommendation on a thread on here about these monitors. I wish I could find the thread to give proper credit, but I didn't do such crazy tricks as emailing myself or bookmarking it. Firefox history search needs to work more like Gmail. Whoever it was, thanks, it's a really nice monitor! Good brightness, excellent colour reproduction, decent resolution. Reasonable size too :P The only complaint I have is a slight buzzing when displaying mostly-white content (eg this thread). It's practically inaudible though.

If anyone is interested, I bought through bigclothcraft on eBay. No affiliation, just a good price and very helpful in their communications!

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