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Comment Didn't the EU try recently something like this? (Score 1) 213

I don't have time to look for the Slashdot article, but I think there was a similar story a few years ago about the EU attempting to create an "elite" university to complete with US schools such as Harvard and Yale. When will they ever learn that you cannot just one day decide to create these things from scratch? There are many factors that must first be present in order to allow them to come into existence then become what they are on their own merit. Where do the Europeans and Russians get these ideas from?

Comment Computer translators (Score 1) 44

Scientists are more likely to design a warp drive before they do a truly effective translation program. Anyone who is bilingual would be happy to tell you just how difficult translation is. Human languages are not just sets of words and phrases that can be converted 1 for 1 back and forth. They are extremely complex with shades of meaning and varying context which must be inferred based on associations that only humans are able to make. It seems that monolingual Anglophones are the most difficult people to convince just how terrible computer translators are. In my office in Germany we usually get two or three pieces of correspondence a week where some Anglophone, ignorant of foreign languages, tries to translate their English to German and send it to us thinkiong they are doing us a "favour". It's always good for a laugh....

Comment Linux sounds like technobabble (Score 2, Insightful) 442

Most slashdotters are too caught up in their own world. Typical computer users out there don't even know what an operating system is much less know about Linux. Just the word "Linux" comes across as sounding like technobabble. Just mentioning word "Linux" to these people is liable to be as big of a turnoff as would mentioning the word "religion" to a bunch of hippies in any context. All they want to hear is their music.

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