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Comment Re:Tipping Point (Score 5, Insightful) 289

Liu is going to love reading this when he get out of jail - he advocates peaceful reform but all you guys can talk about is war and violent uprising. It is like you guys are trying really hard to prove the Chinese government is right to lock him up - that his ideas are actually dangerous.

Submission + - Microsoft promote Silverlight with anime girl (microsoft.com)

cf18 writes: Microsoft Taiwan Silverlight offical page now features the profile of Hikaru — her blood type is B; she is 152 cm tall; she like singing and dancing etc...

Visitors at the Tech.Days Taiwan 2010 event from 9-28 to 9-30 will be able to participate on a "mission" — Find Hikaru in the event and submit a photo with her for a sticker sheet. If you upload the photo to your blog or facebook you can get a poster limited to 300 prints!

Is it a new high or new low for Microsoft?

Comment Re:China shouldn't have been allowed to join the W (Score 0, Flamebait) 215

Of course you don't know how else to see China since you are rather ignorant. What else can China do when their citizen was illegally captured in Chinese territory by a far superior military alliance of Japan/US Navy force? Retreat like a coward like 1930s? Japan is the bully here, not China. And guess what forced Japan to release the the captain? Obama told Japan to stop playing game, not China.

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