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Comment Multi-dimensional Santa(s) (Score 1) 76

All Santa has to do is go out and deliver presents to some number (M) of houses. Then he shifts over into the next dimension (like in the comics, not like in string theory) and delivers presents for another M houses. Santa does this until he has made deliveries in some number of different dimensions (N) and then he goes home.

For an infinite number of dimensions and Santas in those dimensions if M and N are greater than some number (I suggest it is 2 and 2) then everyone gets presents without Santa even having to break a sweat. I leave it as an exercise to the theorist to show that not all universes have to have the same number of homes.

Comment Re:Wrong Premise (Score 0) 1108

"I'm pretty sure we've never magically seen thermal radiation get blocked by a tank of warming air, then seen the CO2 concentration in that air spike as a result. Admittedly, I could be wrong since magic, sorcery, and thermodynamic witchcraft aren't fields I research in."

It is easy for me to conclude you probably never researched chemistry or geology either. The interaction between co2 buffered in sea water and water temperature can play this kind of game. Sorcery and witchraft are not necessary, but thermo may be useful for you to study.

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