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Comment I was just there (Score 1) 249

and I can see why this would be needed. It was 26 in the winter. I would however worry about the effect of some kid digging into a freon tube with a shovel or a leak. Nevertheless, it would make far more sense to use the natural deep water to pipe up onto the sub-beach level to act as a heat-exchanger. Duane Nickull

Comment Record Schmecord, it's just good stuff! (Score 3, Interesting) 451

I work for Adobe on the ODF Technical Committee. ODF made some great decisions that make the format much more admirable over others (use of RelaxNG Schema, open formats wherever possible etc.). I am happy about the growing use of OO. Jon Bosak also has posted some great thoughts on this. Jon's thoughts on ODF, OOXML and PDF.

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