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Comment It's a very odd thing for Nokia to say at launch (Score 4, Interesting) 307

This is a very negative statement, and from a Nokia vice president no less. It seems a very strange thing to say at the time of launching a new device.

I hope Nokia is not buttering us up for DRM and lockdown in "Step 5 of 5"...

Meanwhile, the N900 will succeed wildly if Nokia's marketeers allow it to. We tech people like the device because of its specs, but where are the simple statements of the benefits for its other market sectors?

"Open source Linux with a root shell" is good enough for me, but what about "A phone with a real Mozilla-based browser", or "A music player with stereo speakers built-in", or even "N900 - comes with apps".

Comment We had to develop a policy for homework questions (Score 1) 166

We regularly get homework questions asked (for payment) at Most of the researchers don't like to answer homework questions, so we developed the following policy:

"We are delighted to assist customers with their homework. We can provide information, explanations, links and resources. We do not provide homework answers in finished form, such as essays or answers to tests."

Additionally, we have a clarification process so that we can discuss the homework with the customer and help to educate them. If we were to provide raw answers we would feel very ... empty.


Gaming Netflix Ratings? 235

Nom du Keyboard writes "Not for the first time, I've noticed a new film that hasn't yet even reached the theaters, yet has hundreds of positive votes and/or reviews recorded on Netflix. This time the movie is Inkheart. For a movie that doesn't even hit the theaters until January 23, it already has 428 votes and a rating of 4.3 (out of 5) on Netflix. Seems more than a bit fraudulent to me. Also, it has a review that doesn't even review the movie, but instead says the books are great, therefore the movie should be too. Does the word 'shills' come to mind? With millions spent to promote a movie, are a few hundred of that going to phony voters? Or have that many people actually seen the film and just can't wait to rush home and log onto Netflix to vote? Just what is Netflix's responsibility here to provide honest ratings?"

Comment It's authorized by the Govt and pafunded by the EU (Score 1) 272

From the IWF's own website:

The IWF is the only authorised organisation in the UK operating an internet âhotlineâ(TM) for the public and IT professionals to report their exposure to potentially illegal content online ... The IWF work in partnership with UK Government departments such as the Home Office and the Department of Trade and Industry ... The IWF is funded by the EU [i.e. the European Govt] and the UK internet industry

The parent's claim that the IWF is not affiliated with the UK Government might be true on some level, but in practice they're in bed together.


Submission + - Internet Uses 9.4% of U.S. Electricity (

ribuck writes: "Equipment powering the internet accounts for 9.4% of electricity demand in the U.S., and 5.3% of global demand, according to research by David Sarokin at online pay-for-answers service Uclue. Worldwide, that's 868 billion kilowatt-hours per year. The total includes the energy used by desktop computers and monitors (which makes up two-thirds of the total), plus other energy sinks including modems, routers, data processing equipment and cooling equipment."

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