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Comment Not a smart move (Score 1) 978

How would the people paying for the ads know that half their users are blocking it? Oh wait they tell the world via a post their website. Gee i wonder if the advertisers are going to want to pay them anymore. Adblockers dont allow the content (ads) to download to your computer why dont we have smarter adblockers that download them to a sandbox and immediately destroy them giving them the impression that we are seeing them? And our browsers should NEVER let websites know we are even running these plugins EVER

Comment Re:Enough is enough (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Even if it wasnt intentional (i doubt it) what this does do is make it just a little bit harder to install linux. And makes microsoft the gatekeeper of YOUR hardware. What happens to ALOT of old windows pc's? They get linux installed on them to give them a few more years of usefulness = a loss of revenue for microsoft. Even if it is a small percentage its not enough microsoft would be much happier if the percentage was ZERO......

Comment We went with the 8Gb (Score 1) 262

Im sure the 8gb will sell out soon too. I bought two for the kids they love it so far. Its an excellent device for the price anyone holding back on getting one rest assured. We went with the 8 Gb because they stream everything youtube vids/netflix not much is stored locally except for some games.

Comment Re:Snubbed (Score 1) 79

WOW wonder if they are going to lock the boot loader etc to stop this? if everyone buys a kindle (based on gingerbred 2.3) and installs the snappier vanilla jelly bean based roms. Now not only will they have a tablet that will get updated but they will be able to use google play/market and not have to buy from amazon. Im sure atleast on the lower in they take a near loss on every tablet but if you as a customer arent buying from their market they will be in the hole. :O Talk about sticking it to the man! lol

Comment What? (Score 1) 184

So people are saying oh noes it will be open and you will be able to pirate software this console will fail! Trying to force the companies hand to implement security measures. Then out of the other side of their mouths saying oh noes this console is using ubi soft always on phone home drm as a security measure its not open at all this console will fail. Dear ouya dont listen to these morons go for the open approach ignore all the bs!

Comment What i havent seen mentioned (Score 1) 99

There seems to be large groups of these fakes users who are connected by a few different command and control centers . I see a few use cases .... Scenario 1. You as a buisness pay for "likes" from them and real users stumble upon your page and think wow they are liked by 222,000 people they must be good/legit. Scenario 2. They use the fake users to like their own buisness/product/service to make it seem more legitimate. The business could be real or it could be FAKE and used for nefarious purposes Scenario 3. They use the fake users to help drive up stock prices in a pump and dump scheme.

Comment microsoft up to their ld tricks? (Score 1) 152

This doesnt start off sounding fishyatall “a mircosoft reasearcher” no MS has nothing to gain bymaking android look bad. And then this gem “Security expertGraham Cluley, from anti-virusfirm Sophos, said it was highlylikely theattacks originated from Android devices, given all available information, BUT THIS COULD NOT BE PROVEN.” Wait whatit hasnt been proven to come from android phones? REALLY? And then we learn even it it is happening its people in the third world SIDE LOADING PIRATED APPS. So as usual its not an android security flaw but a bunch of morons who may or may not have installed a supposed maleware wich came as a payload on side loaded pirated software. LOL And now Google and other security researchers are saying no it didn't come from the phones so guess my hunch was right Ms up to their old tricks again

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