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Comment i have a problem with this (Score 1) 143

The problem is "security" companies who make "proof of concept" code and release it into the wild . Instead of helping the companies with which they've found the flaw. This reminds me of the mob asking for protection money they release the code then they say look look android isn't secure UNLESS you buy our product.

Comment this is why i left (Score 3, Interesting) 187

Same as others have already posted long time sprint user paid the early termination fee. Tired of waiting for them to get their act together. Bad decisions constantly....... Never using the money to upgrade their network properly. Funny thing is he talks about 4g that most people can't get on sprint and the iPhone isn't even 4g so its a bad comparison shows he is a fool. Get out while you can its a sinking ship...

Comment What i was Looking For (Score 4, Interesting) 71

There are a few G+ extensions that work with Chrome and Firefox but none that handled both facebook and twitter that works in this manner. It will help those who have slow or stagnant feeds stem the tide while G+ reaches critical mass. Google should allow facebook and twitter users to be added to circles (twitter) (facebook) and have the features of this plugin baked right in. That way when you post from G+ to facebook or twitter users will see an abbreviated post...... and be redirected to G+ to read the rest instead of being allowed to remain in Facebook and twitter to Read the posts. Once enough users are posting this way they will be compelled to switch to G+ because they have to go there anyway to read most posts.

Comment Guess ill be shopping elswhere (Score 1) 600

all those people lined up to buy the xoom tablet just got the major incentive not to. This is what they call artificial obsolescence, they used to do it with feature phones youd have to get the newest hardware to have the newest software.(the old phones end up in landfills) But we all know now that our old hardware is more than capable of running the newest software. This is done to drive sales and to force you to keep lousy things like moto blur. The the votes are in motorola and no one wants motoblur they want stock android!

Comment MS COST LESS? (Score 1) 465

Proprietary software especially Microsoft is not meant to work with other software by design. Unlike its open counterparts that are flexible and able to be integrated more easily. Maybe they are concluding that the time it takes to do these integrations costs more than if you had an all MS shop But i find it hard to believe.

Comment Re:Putting the snideness of the summary aside... (Score 1) 663

What this is really about is wich format gets chosen as THE defacto standard for the html video tag. Now no one wants an encumbered format to be choosen because it will hinder how video is used/viewed/shared/sold redistributed. There HAS to be ONE codec chosen you cant have multiple contenders because it would cause sites considerable bandwidth and hosting costs to have videos encoded multiple ways. Also you pay the "h264 tax" when you buy cameras dvd players etc. Once webm is ported to those devices youll stop paying that tax.

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