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Comment Re:A most cool use of technology (Score 1) 522

Probably not, though. The latency is probably not that big. It's the army infrastructure, not a random counter-strike server, after all. Latency from US to europe over the internet can be as low as 50ms. Afghanistan is not that far from Europe, there's probably good infrastructure connecting europe to some place close to afghanistan. Overall, I think the latency should be reasonable.

Comment Re:ha ha suckers!!! (Score 2, Interesting) 658

I'd say he's pretty much the avarage PhD student. Anyhow, the good thing about a PhD dissertation is that nobody really cares about it anyway. When I got to college I thought I'd see science in the making if watched presentations by PhD students. What a disillusion... It felt like I was in a party watching some dude showing off, the only difference is that the PhD student will use graphs instead of drinking straight from a keg. You can almost hear the guy saying "please aprove me!"

Comment Re:Dumb... Dumb Dumb Dumb (Score 1) 334

Well, if I were a normal person and just read this summary, I would conclude that the group are "cyber-terrorists" who are in favor of drug use, rape, zoo sex and child abuse. In addition, by calling themselves Anonymous they're spoiling the concept of anonymity. I really don't think that this action was the best press possible either for the group or for those who are against censorship in general.

The group doesn't care. They do it for the lulz.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 368

You try it, it doesn't feel right to you, you go back to the version that worked for you. Later on in your life you may try again and switch. What's the big deal?

I only upgrade my software for two reasons: missing features or curiosity. If the system is open to the world, I may upgrade due to security reasons when I see fit (that is, follow the important bugs, patches, etc). In any case I don't see a big deal with a version of the software sucking. If it's not open software, then you're locked in, you pretty much have to upgrade things when the author thinks you should; now, for open software, if a newer release suck, I'm sure the old one will still be maintained by other people, perhaps even myself. BTW, KDE probably wouldn't be installed in a server anyway.

Comment Re:More important for gaming than Hollywood? (Score 2, Interesting) 100

Let's see how this "3D hype" goes. I remember when VR was the hype. It was the future of the game! Heck, the future period. I'm in the future, where's my virtual world where I can live a better life along with my virtual friends without ever leaving home? Where's that world of wonder where everything is possible and I'm a superman? Where's -- oh, wait, nevermind.

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