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Ten Things Mobile Phones Will Make Obsolete 778

An anonymous reader writes " has an article examining ten things mobile phones will make obsolete, including phone booths, wristwatches and handheld games consoles. It's interesting to see how many devices have been absorbed into mobile phone technology, and it raises the question: are we better off having everything in one device? The author poignantly concludes that while it's great to have so much power at our fingertips, it does mean that some of us will rely on mobile phones for even basic mental tasks, which is great until the battery runs out." See also Isaac Asimov's The Feeling of Power.

Submission + - Poland: 9 people held by police for translating mo

Loctus writes: Nine people involved in a community portal were arrested in Poland accused of illegal translating of foreign movies. The website (already shut down) was located on German servers. According to Polish copyright law any "processing" of others' content including translating is prohibited without permission.
" was the most popular Polish portal where users were free to submit translated subtitles for popular movies (mostly from English to Polish, but not only). Popular video players could be then used to display the subtitles when playing a movie (usually a DVD-rip)."

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