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Comment Read/Watch the Actual Republican Message (Score 1) 760

First, we will take a look at the National Science Foundation (NSF) - Congress created the NSF in 1950 to promote the progress of science. For this purpose, NSF makes more than 10,000 new grant awards annually, many of these grants fund worthy research in the hard sciences. Recently, however NSF has funded some more questionable projects - $750,000 to develop computer models to analyze the on-field contributions of soccer players and $1.2 million to model the sound of objects breaking for use by the video game industry. Help us identify grants that are wasteful or that you don't think are a good use of taxpayer dollars.


Comment Re:So, the system works? (Score 1) 725

It's the taxes stupid.

If companies stop expanding and simply generate profits they pay 35% corporate income tax on said profits, and then their investors pay income tax on the dividends.

If companies constantly reinvest their profits they pay no corporate income tax, and their investors pay 15% long term capital gains tax.

So ~30% on top of 35% or 15%, gee I wonder why they're constantly expanding.

Comment Re:Owner? (Score 1) 424

Prosecutors say Serbian-born George Jakubec quietly packed the home with the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in one location in the U.S. and was running a virtual bomb-making factory in his suburban neighborhood. How the alleged bank robber obtained the chemicals and what he planned to do with them remain mysteries.

Someone has been watching too much Oceans 11

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