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Comment Re:Chronicles of Ridiculous (Score 2) 329

1. All Content is Copyright by default.
2. How do you distinguish the legal from the illegal content?

Exactly. In other countries they refer to the 'sharing' as the illegal part. Here in NZ it appears to be the 'downloading'. Does that mean if I watch 'RayWilliamJohnson' on youtube he can have my internet cut off?

How am I to know whether the person who posted the video has the rights to post it, or not?

If they're talking about 'sharing' then it's certainly not very clear in their education campaign.

Comment Rogelio Hackett (Score 4, Interesting) 204

The Mr Hackett was destined to become a hacker...

....researchers have found that people named Dennis are more likely to become dentists. An article, “Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore,” finds that in the U.S. population the names Jerry, Dennis, and Walter rank 39th, 40th, and 41st among male first names. But in the national directory of the American Dental Association there are close to twice as many Dennises (482) as Walters (252) and Jerrys (270). “Similarly, people whose names begin with ‘Geo’ (e.g., George, Geoffrey) are disproportionately likely to do research in the geosciences (e.g., geology).”

Comment I live in New Zealand you insensitive clod... (Score 1) 697

Here in New Zealand we don't really have Cable TV (except a couple of smaller areas). Sky TV (similar to DirecTV) has the whole Pay-TV thing sewn up.

However there is a free to air digital service called Freeview that broadcasts on satellite (PAL 576i) and terrestrial (1080i).

Sky has all the movie channels and all the sport as well as the standard Free-To-Air (FTA) channels, and Freeview has only the FTA channels with a couple of extra's. Sky costs about $100 a month and has only just added a DVR to their service (DVR's didn't really exist in NZ till a couple of years ago).

All the US web based services are blocked, so no HULU or Netflix, and no equivalent services. A couple of the networks have 'TV on demand', but their offerings are very limited. I can completely understand why people here in NZ torrent shows and movies. However a recent three strikes law has just been introduced....

My setup is a mythtv media centre with two satellite freeview tuners (to avoid program conflicts), and we find there are enough *good* shows to get us through the week. If I want to watch the latest Burn Notice, Chuck, or Doctor Who, I am resorted to either get them from iTunes (if they're even offered to our 'region'.) or 'find' them.

Oh yeah, about the internet connection. I pay $70 base rate just for the 6Mbps privilege (does include a $15 VOIP phone line), then $1 per GB of traffic on top of that. So if I use 30GB of traffic costs me $100 bucks. (~USD$70)

So if you haven't picked up on it yet, we're shafted down here. (So quit your whining).

If any of you work for Hulu or Netflix, please bring your catalog and come on down to open your store here....

Comment (Score 3, Funny) 259

Wait till someone registers $firstname$ .... of their least favorite politician. When they come along and say "hey you're domain squatting my name" you can make sure there is heaps of publicity about them wanting to register their .xxx domain.

this will have absolutely no unintended consequences and certainly wont be abused [/sarcasm]

Comment Re:Data haven (Score 1) 322

The 1.3 seconds to the Moon would drive most computer communication protocols nuts, especially since they won't know if the other end has even received a packet for a bit more than 2 and a half seconds.

I've worked with some military communication devices geared for Internet Protocol over half-duplex HF and they work just fine. While it's not 1.3 seconds latency, the problem is similar with half-duplex. You could easily have full duplex comms, and the need for forward error correction, Automatic Request for retransmission (ARQ) etc wouldn't be as high.

of course you wont be playing COD4 Black Ops and getting headshots......

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