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Comment Re:5 dollar patch (Score 1) 466

If I sold you a car and it had a cupholder with a lock on it, and you had to pay me any amount of money at all for me to take that lock off so you have a place to conveniently set your drink, would you feel right about it?

There is a simple explanation of this behavior. People who have, for whatever reason, paid this extra money for nothing must rationalize their justification. We all do it. For many of us, it's better to defend a stupid decision than to admit to a stupid decision.

Comment Re:How does he know it's unique? (Score 1) 544

Yup. This guy is an idiot. How does he know government can always be trusted with the information, among other things.

Not to be pendantic, but he is not an idiot -- he is naive. When he gets old enough to shave, he'll understand that just because his intentions are pure does not mean that those who run the agencies that would own this data are pure. They aren't. Nobody in power is.

Comment Cool (Score 1) 327

All in all, I think this is rather nifty. I love C#. I wonder if Apple will allow these apps to be deployed through the app store? I wonder if the SDK has all of the available functionality that is exposed by Apple's SDK.

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