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Comment Re:Get into Mobile Computing (Score 1) 247

I would second this. I program for the day job but a few years ago i got an iPhone. I had always looked down on shareware and freeware but once i got my first app on the app store I was converted. As long as you come up with a vaguely original idea you can write a small puzzle/board game in a month or two of evenings. Probably quicker if its full time. Make it free and people WILL download it. Objective C is fairly good now they have sorted the memory management.

Comment Re:C, raw machine independent assembler-like langu (Score 1) 594

Well, C is one step above assembler but not much more than that. Most of its commands and operations map onto assembly quite nicely (x++ to increment a variable, etc) and outside of the libraries, there is not much "high level" functionality built into it. Its portable as most of it is "lowest common denominator" stuff.

Comment 0 based arrays have no place in a modern language (Score 1) 594

Unless you are doing string or memory manipulation in c, then yes, you can use them. In all other languages it should be banned. I remember tutting when i read that c# had caved in to the c programmers and included it. There is just no need because 1) it is not obvious (eg, _month[0]="Jan" or things like that). 2)Use an iterator, that's what they are there for.

Of course that is just my opinion.

Comment You can be TOO successful (Score 1) 247

I love Kickstarter, it is one of my secret vices. First rule though, never pledge any more than you can afford to write off and still keep a smile on your face. I have pledged to a couple of dozen projects from books and CDs, to paintings and sculptures, to gadgets and tech. Only one has failed to deliver so far, though after a year of silence, that seems to be getting back on track.

The worst thing that can happen to a Kickstarter project is for it to be TOO successful. You have a crazy idea to build something, Kickstart it and suddenly there are a thousand people after it. All of a sudden you are talking serious money and serious organizational skills to produce it. If they just want the money to bring something to market (you are essentially preordering) then fine, if its to do some R&D and actually design the thing then I'd be careful.

I just think of it as a way to be a kind of "patron to the arts" and to find some cool stuff along the way.

Finally, want to get a surefire success for your project? Just stick the words "Neil Gaiman" in in somewhere. They love him. ;)

Comment Linux==Religion (Score 1) 1091

TFA is quite interesting. His problem is not with Linux, but with his belief in it. It sounded a bit like one of those articles where the "religious believer" starts to question why their particular "god" inflicts so much suffering on the world. I am sure that all that is keeping the notion of the Linux Desktop alive is the belief of all those "Gnomies" out there that it is a real possibility. Should they all however "wake up and smell the coffee" then /. may collapse.

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