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Comment Re:DRM is DOA. The real "genie" has been out.... (Score 1) 236

I did not state that many people make the "rockstar" salary. That was the poster I was responding to.

In the US, the majority of "independent" arts who make middle-class, stable incomes are folks who compose for TV/movies and contribute to music libraries.

Making money as a performing artist is very difficult, not the least reason of which is that in the US touring rock acts (regional bands, for example, which 3-4 decades ago could make a hard but respectable living touring around their region) haven't gotten a pay raise in 40 years (that is, the per-man take for a night is about the same as it was in the 1970's -- a regional touring band, assuming it can find regular venues -- which is difficult -- can expect to make 125$ per man, per night, before expenses). The only local/regional "music" occupation that can play regularly and make a decent per-man income is that of a DJ.

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