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Comment OSS vs CSS vulnerability reporting (Score 3, Insightful) 65

OSS: find a bug, fix it (because you can), submit code changes

CSS: find a bug, see a lawyer, contact a CERT, wait several weeks for a response, sign an NDA, share vulnerability informations, wait 2 months, ask for status, wait for an answer for 4 more months, realize that the vendor will do squat about the vulnerability as long as his customers don't know how threatened they are, release the infos to the public to put pressure on the vendor, be threatened by the vendors lawyers, be called a criminal by the vendors customers and the press and politics, have a house-search, wait 2 more months, get patch, realize that it doesn't fix the problem, rinse and repeat

Comment Correction (Score 1) 718

If you are an idiot who likes file-chaos and who likes his PC to be slow, dysfunctional, expensive, a botnet-zombie that spreads childporn and you are to afraid to try something else because you are to lazy to get used to something that is different from what you believe to "know" (although the poor state of your PCs proves the opposite) even if using the different things would save more time than getting used to them would take (so actually your laziness makes you work to much *lol*)

Then by all means: USE WINDOWS!

Comment Sorry, no simple answer here... (Score 1) 305

Look, if your kids only play games, this harms education (and without supervision, that is what they'll do).
if they research stuff on wikipedia or something, this helps education.

you cannot leave them in front of the PC without remorse, because "it helps them"
you cannot block them completely from the internet without destroying career prospects

Kids need supervision, nurturing and attention. Computers don't liberate you from parenting.
If you want absolution for neglecting your kids... no can do!

Comment The Internet is rated R (Score 4, Insightful) 214

Can your kid close a contract with an ISP? No, YOU do that and hence YOU are responsible for supervision of your kid's internet usage. If you put your kids in front of the tubes while you do something more fun, then YOU are responsible for anything bad that happens to the kid's mind.

You want to censor the whole world, just so you can neglect your kids without remorse? F*CK YOU!

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1, Flamebait) 612

Apparently you don't have a CS degree, so why do you think you could even remotely understand what they are doing?

shure, kernelizations, branching-vector minimization, modelling things as graphs and using matching- or networkflow algorithms seems like bad programming, because these things need far more code than a simple backtracking algorithm (so these guys are wasting time and stealing money from their employer, right?). but these things make the difference between "applicable" and "too slow".

Without a CS degree, you won't even understand why.

or take parsers - you'd probably write very simple parsers. e.g. for configuration files of the form
property1 value1
property2 value2
you'd probably just extract the strings from a stream and do lots of if(str1 == "property1") { property1 = converter(str2);} else if(...

I'd use lots and lots of gotos, which would seem like bad programming to you (because you've been told that goto=bad), but I would have written it as an automata, which is FAR faster than your stuff (and for huge database programs, this is again the difference between "fast enough" and "to slow"). Using this technique I've written one of the fastest XML parsers there are...

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