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Comment and more stupidity! (Score 1) 435

...they certainly no longer understand it when older generations speak of 'going online.' ... Tom and his friends just describe themselves as being 'on' or 'off,' using the English terms. What they mean is: contactable or not."

well maybe that's because nowadays you are online ALL THE TIME? How often do you mention that you breathe? nearly never, right?

I'll actually RTFA now, just to verify my impression: that the author is a reactionary jerk who has always been against the net and now claims self-congratulatory, that HE has ALWAYS been right bla bla bla...

Young people have now reached this turning point

haHA! you see? I have ALWAYS been right! and you laughed at me! who's laughing NOW?!

The Internet is no longer something they are willing to waste time thinking about.

haHA! you see? I have ALWAYS been right! and you laughed at me! who's laughing NOW?!

It seems that the excitement about cyberspace was a phenomenon peculiar to their predecessors, the technology-obsessed first generation of Web users.

haHA! you see? I have ALWAYS been right! and you laughed at me! who's laughing NOW?! These pathetic IT experts! I pity the fools!

Comment Are you stupid? (Score 1) 435

So we don't need IT-education because "digital natives" aren't that IT-educated? How stupid do you have to be, to not see that this is the case BECAUSE there isn't enough IT-education in school?

thats like saying we could close all driving schools, because most people without a drivers license aren't good drivers anyway...

Comment Let me get this straight (Score 3, Interesting) 393

Let me get this straight - you dropped out of university to found microsoft and have lots of money today. okay, but you sold the worst pieces of software shit (objective-quality-measure-wise) until you hired graduate computer scientists to undo all your big big big mistakes and turn your products more and more into what you thought was unnecessarily complex, didn't you?

Comment "ABOUT TO GRILL"!? (Score 1) 107

I'll stop reading slashdot... how credible can a newssite be, which has a headline like THAT?
This headline is one of the worst cases of so called "journalism" that I've ever seen in my entire life!

I think it's only beaten by "Super-Virus kills Superman", which was the headline of the BILD Zeitung when christopher reeve died (yes, they used the phrase "kill", which is very very colloquial in germany)...

Comment OSS vs CSS vulnerability reporting (Score 3, Insightful) 65

OSS: find a bug, fix it (because you can), submit code changes

CSS: find a bug, see a lawyer, contact a CERT, wait several weeks for a response, sign an NDA, share vulnerability informations, wait 2 months, ask for status, wait for an answer for 4 more months, realize that the vendor will do squat about the vulnerability as long as his customers don't know how threatened they are, release the infos to the public to put pressure on the vendor, be threatened by the vendors lawyers, be called a criminal by the vendors customers and the press and politics, have a house-search, wait 2 more months, get patch, realize that it doesn't fix the problem, rinse and repeat

Comment Correction (Score 1) 718

If you are an idiot who likes file-chaos and who likes his PC to be slow, dysfunctional, expensive, a botnet-zombie that spreads childporn and you are to afraid to try something else because you are to lazy to get used to something that is different from what you believe to "know" (although the poor state of your PCs proves the opposite) even if using the different things would save more time than getting used to them would take (so actually your laziness makes you work to much *lol*)

Then by all means: USE WINDOWS!

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