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Comment Re:bad timing (Score 1) 391

I just walked out of a mountain wilderness. So no code for me...

I've whipped out my jailbroken phone, gone into terminal mode and then SSH'd into a computer on my internal network through my router to work on some functionality for a project while on a Camping Trip before. Unless you have no signal - you have no excuses.. and you must, since you just posted on Slashdot! Damn your eyes!


Submission + - US Internet Censorship Legislation Steps Up (

deadbeatsaint writes: "Now being referred to as the "Son of the COICA" bill, and officially as as the PROTECT IP Act (based off of Senate Bill S.3804), this legislation adds a new proposal that Search Engines be required to block access to sites. This would be alongside credit card companies, ad-networks and ISPs. This Act would move the United States one step closer toward a level of Internet censorship, such as the one China currently enjoys."

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