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Comment The answer is not interval training (Score 1) 437

When respondents say the reason they don't exercise is time, I'm not sure that's necessarily true. I think what they really mean is that their lives are so busy it is too difficult to use that 30 minutes of time you have towards exercise. Suggesting doing intervals is counterproductive. Intervals are painful. If they don't hurt then its not an interval workout. This is what scares people from doing these everyday. Its hard to get out of a warm bed so you can feel pain. Its sucks coming home from work and feeling pain. That's why we should be encouraging lower intensity workouts everyday (instead of hard workouts twice a week). Your mind can relax, and you get a tremendous health benefit from even just 30 minutes of light exercise everyday. If you do it everyday it becomes a habit, part of your lifestyle.

Comment Re:More stuff (Score 1) 412

There is crazy shit all over that desert! What is interesting is that the canals to the north look like they pull water out of nowhere. It almost looks like the water table is very shallow there, just dig a deep trench and it will channel water.


Are these the ponds of algae I read about yesterday, designed to feed Chicken Little?

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