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Comment Re:Eh wouldn't surprise me... (Score 1) 451

Christ, what ever happened to basic responsibility? Or buy beware? How about reading reviews before buying something or returning the product if you dont like it? Is lawsuit now the default action?

I took the parent to mean actionable by Microsoft. The guy was intentionally spreading negative press about their product, which would hurt the ability of the buyer to do the very thing you suggest - go out and read reviews about the product (Windows 7) before buying it.

Comment Re:Eat my balls! (Score 1) 521

I think what my friend here is trying to say is that perhaps it is the touchscreen input that is "fundamentally flawed." The same argument could be applied to CSS hover and javascript mouseovers. Should Apple simply dispose of Safari on the iPad, because it is "fundamentally flawed?" There are lots of sites that use css hover menus. Poor iPad users will have a bad experience with those sites, so should we then remove the browser?

Well, clearly its not Safari that's flawed - it's the CSS and javascript! :) Banning those seems a much more intuitive move, as that wouldn't involve banning an Apple product. ;)

Comment Re:Bonjour (Score 0, Offtopic) 98

Bonjour pisses me off. I can't count the number of times the damned thing has popped up on my monitor while I've had Hulu running a show full-screen on my projector (thus jacking Hulu's Flash player out of full-screen mode) - and it's asking me to install shit I don't want or need (Why the fuck would I run Safari on my Windows box, just cuz I happened to put iTunes on my system?).

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