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Comment I thought it explained some BSG questions (Score 1) 602

I always wondered about the intensity in which the toasters loved God so much, how that evolved. I though the Caprica series delived into that. I don't think a multi season episode list would have worked, but one season, wrapping up those loose ends would have satisfied me. One the new SciFi buz model, isn't that what Sanctuary was all about?

Comment My idiot (ignorant at the least) teachers (Score 1) 612

Growing up and going to school in Queens ny in the 50s, my teachers told us about the great MW. All I could do was scratch my head. It wasn't until 10 years later (I was 16), smoking a joint on a clear winters night in VT--visiting a friend--that EUREKA. I finally knew the beauty they had spoken of. Of course none of my teachers bothered to explain that one can't see the MW from Queens ny. How ignorant could they be? colonel spalding

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