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Comment Re:The perfect guy (Score 1) 132

Everyone has a bias. The problem is, his bias against the US in terms of copyright is part of the public record. If it wasn't part of the public record I am sure he would still be on the case. Since his bias is public, it could be used to overturn the case (or at least call it into question).

Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 142

That's because you're thinking like an engineer. Think like an accountant instead. By combining HR, marketing and logistics they can save some overhead. I don't know if that is their plan or not, but many companies do just that. It might not't save huge amounts, but it will save them some money.

Comment Re:You can have my PC (Score 2) 399

I think you are missing the point. "Post-PC" does not mean the end of the personal computer. I use computing devices everyday. I have a desk top, laptop, an iPod, an iPad, an X360, a Wii, and a cell phone. Only two of those are what we commonly think of as a "PC." That is what it means to be living in a "post-PC" world: utilizing computing power in ubiquitous, non-obvious ways, away from what we think of as a "computer".

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