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Comment Re:Apple Stores (Score 1) 636

You can have a religion without a god or gods. Religion as I understand it is putting our behavior in line with fundamental principles based on something greater than ourselves. Your argument is somewhat of a Straw man.

Now as far as a belief in God or gods, while there is no "scientific" evidence that God exists (as far as I know), and none that shows he doesn't exist, basing our behavior on one premise or the other is somewhat a show of faith in either God or "science". (I put quotes around "science" because science does not concern itself with the existence God.) So to be an Atheist and posit there is no God is, in a sense to posit that man's communal intellect is greater than individual belief and is somewhat religious.

*I understand that some consider themselves atheists and live their lives agnostic. This is not to whom my comments are addressed. My comments are in regard for those that feel they need to tell people that religion is bad, and yet have behaviors that are based on equally irrational beliefs. This is a discussion, after all on the religious aspects of fanboyism. For every fanboy, there is a hater. And haters are just as religious as fanboys, in my view.

Comment Re:How come (Score 3, Interesting) 60

First I have heard of it as well. I suppose John Inglish wasn't making money fast enough so UTA decided to have a payment system so we can deposit money directly into his personal account. But this would explain the 25% rise in fares.

Some background on UTA and Utahs public transportation system for those that live outside of Utah:



Comment Other Obsessions (Score 3, Funny) 265

I think we obsess too much over other things as well. I surveyed the last three weeks and 37% of Slashdot articles were about the Internet. Worse, 87% of were actually sent over the internet.

Definition: Obsession-That thing that most other people like that you hate.

Comment Re:Give me good services (Score 1) 369

What is this Spotify which you speak of? I am an American you insensitive clod.

All joking aside, Spotify really has no bearing in this thread because TFA is specifically about downloads in the USA. I am sure it is a fine service that I am somewhat envious of, but it would have little impact on P2P downloads in the US.

Comment Re:Funny thing ... (Score 1) 345

What would happen if ghost was replaced with "sentient alien life?" There is no evidence but "science" minded people still spend resources to find it. The fact is that most people hold out hope (or faith) that some unseen thing is out there, whether it is ghosts, God or aliens. If they choose to believe and spend money and time trying to prove it, who are we to judge?

Comment Re:What a joke. (Score 1) 276

To add to your comment: if someone else starts first and you pass them, they then are following you.

Not that Microsoft entered the portable music device industry first but even if they did, they would still be following Apple's lead once Microsoft fell behind. Even Sony was following Apple soon after the release of the iPod and they had been making portable music devices for decades..

Comment Re:Representative Republic (Score 2) 1277

The US is factually a Republic. So, how many other "facts" does the state legislature need to make into law? To me this type of legislation is, at best, a waste of time, and at worst, political posturing. The legislature does not need to make a law to teach every particular fact they see fit.

II would not be suprised if the bill was introduced because of what many here in this forum suspect: legislators feel democracy = Democrat, and republic = Republican. I live in Utah and in certain circles "Democrat" is a dirty word.

Incidentally this is not the worst piece of legislation being debated by the state legislation this session (I don't think the "republic" bill has passed yet.) The Governor just sign into law a bill that crippled GRAMA, which allows access to government records.

Comment Re:First things first... (Score 1) 789

I think the Romans and Samaritans would be the equivalent of liberals, blacks and Mexicans for Jesus day. I think "render unto Caesar...", and the parable of the good Samaritan indicate what Jesus would teach today. On the other hand, his treatment of the Pharisees show he would probably not be too kind to many Christians today.

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