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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 5, Informative) 473

Incandescent technology isn't being banned, just being pushed to evolve a little. If you need to dim look for 29, 43, 53, and 72, watt halogen bulbs. These replace 40, 60, 75, and 100 watt standard bulbs respectively and comply with the new law. These are marketed under the Eco Smart brand by Phillips, Super Saver by Sylvania (Made in USA too), GE also sell them. These are more pricey than standard bulbs and the Sylvaina ones are 1/4 inch less in diameter, but are a suitable replacement.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 292

I could have chosen the power outage one as our power did go out. I did not choose that because our outages were momentary and with the exception of our HDTV and cable box nobody was affected by the electronics going off as my mom's computer was on standby (it can ride through momentary outages with the filter capacitors in the PSU alone in standby), and I have a lot of things on Uninteruptable power supplies including my CRT TV, DVD recorder, and cable box. Hint, look around at Hamfests for UPS units, I got working ones for five bucks each.


Submission + - Siri and privacy (

Enoughads writes: A paper from last year predicts the trend toward ever more social interfaces like Apple's Siri and suggests that they raise unique privacy concerns, beyond just collecting information. Will you search for the same things if it feels like you're asking a person? Can you ever experience solitude, surrounded by devices or apps your brain thinks of as people?

Submission + - Schools in Portugal Moving to OSS (

thyristor pt writes: In light of massive national budget cuts, the Portuguese government will force public schools to move to free/open source software . Schools with some 50.000 outdated computers won't see their software licenses renewed, the main reason being the cost of hardware upgrade inherent to mostly Microsoft software updates.
Will the Euro debt crisis be a driving force to the spreading of open source software?

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