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Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 4, Informative) 917

Marriage is irrespective of religion. You can have marriages that never come into contact with any religion. Marriages are fucking contracts. Contract law is certainly part of Federal law.

But the reason that people get so worked up over it is due to it traditionally being a religious ceremony & institution. Make the government only recognize civil unions which is what it is completely free to define and be done with it (which is what México does). I'm surprised this sort of thing where you have secular govt benefits tied to a religious ceremony hasn't resulted in a "separation of church & state" lawsuit.

Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 0) 917

So you have secular government benefits or protections tied to what has historically been a religious institution/ceremony. This seems to me to be a case where the "separation of church and state" principle should be applied. The US should change its laws to be like México: only recognize civil unions and leave marriage to the religions.

Comment Re:Ain't no body got time for that (Score 1) 606

they would increase commute times so people would actually use buses, subways, and other options that are readily available.

They would have to actually have those options first and have them operate on a reasonable schedule. At least the people on the Google buses don't have to worry too much about an 'Epic Beard Man' type situation happening on their trip home.

Comment Re: It's a status thing (Score 1) 717

Further, you eliminate the underclass who now have more disposable income to spend.

and their expenses have gone up because everyone else has raised their prices too so . The "but minimum wage in Australia is $15" argument ignores that everything in AU is bloody expensive. That's ok if you're in the mining industry and get a six figure income for a job that can't be exported, but not so good if you're in a manufacturing company trying to compete with other places. Ford, Holden, & Toyota have announced that they're all going to be shutting down plants in the near future because it's just too expensive to operate there.

Comment Re:It's a status thing (Score 1) 717

Or they have to cut employees which raises unemployment for the segments of society that aren't skilled enough yet to get anything other than a minimum wage job. Many of these jobs are helpful in getting job experience, so if they can't get any experience, they can often be stuck until they find someone willing to give them a chance.

Comment Re:It's a status thing (Score 1) 717

Again, bull. There's never going to be a lack of demand for food-servers and store clerks. And those are jobs that don't export easily. What we're already seeing happen is the opposite - employers pushing for "temporary foreign workers", importing folks who *will* work for those cheap-ass rates and can be deported at the first sign of trouble.

There will also be a lot more automation. Chili's has already put an automated system in 1000 of its locations, other chains are looking into similar systems. The typical fast food place has very standardized procedures and processes, so it's not too far fetched to think that they will have machines doing those jobs in a few years. I know of a totally automated convenience store too.

Comment Re:Dead end (Score 1) 191

that's not really the point though, the point is that it has to charge under 15 minutes while eating after 500km to do another 500km for it to be a long range replacement.

I don't stop to eat, so it needs to be charged up after everyone in the vehicle is finished with the rest room.

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